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Reviewer: Dave
Review Date: October 3, 2000

Released by: Image Entertainment
Release date: 10/3/2000
MSRP: $19.98
Region 1, NTSC
Widescreen 1.85:1 | 16x9: Yes

The Story

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Three college students - Paul (Stan Hurwitz), Allan (Shawn Eisner) and Carl (Edward A. Wright) - break into Professor Charles DeLonge's (Russ Tamblyn) office to steal a copy of an upcoming test. In the office they also find love letters from a student named Julie Johnson (Elizabeth Kaitan), who had a past relationship with the Professor. On their way out the three bump into Julie, who was in the building finishing up some work. Paul, the leader of the three, decides he wants to have some fun with Julie. He has Carl hold her down while he rapes her, with Allan watching nearby, doing nothing to prevent the attack. Once finished the three quickly disappear, leaving Julie alone in the drama hall.

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Julie gathers herself together and cleans herself up. The next day she tells her friend Freda (Rhonda Dorton) of the attack. Being the sensible person she is, Freda tells Julie that she must report the rape to the police. Julie explains she can't because of the love letter they found to Professor DeLonge. She's afraid that if her new boyfriend Eric (John Tyler) finds out about her past relationship with a teacher, he may not want to be with her anymore. Freda explains that she must tell the police, and that if Eric truly loves her he'll understand. Julie finally agrees, but before going to the police she decides to tell Eric what happened. Later she does try to tell Eric, but he leaves before she has a chance to explain.

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Freda sees an ad in the paper stating that revenge is sometimes the only way - call 213-REVENGE for help. She shows the ad to Julie and together they go to visit Lisa (Lois Masten), a necromancer. Lisa tells them she can help for a fee of twenty dollars, payable after the session and only if completely satisfied. Lisa brings them into a garage where she summons the spirits of darkness. A circle on the floor begins glowing and soon after Lisa disappears. Freda and Julie leave, dismissing it all as a trick of some sort by a crazy woman. Julie soon realizes it's not a trick when one by one the boys that raped her begin disappearing in a most gruesome fashion. Lisa's neighbor Ernest confronts Julie, explaining to her that Lisa is a necromancer who summons the spirits of the dead and kills people - not just people Julie hates, but people she cares about. Now it's up to Julie to follow Ernest's advice, the only known way of defeating the necromancer, before it gets to Eric, the one person she cares about most.

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Necromancer turned out to be disappointing for me. Obviously from the story description I give you can figure out it's a rape revenge story involving this necromancer. It has a bit of a twist when the necromancer begins killing off more than just people who were involved in the rape. The story itself isn't so bad, the acting and special effects are. Acting all around was poor and the monster effects especially were just plain awful; I honestly think I could've done better special effects. They look like they were done by a 2 year old. Don't expect any thrills or tension either, but there aren't any. Those looking for some nice T&A shots will find very, very few. Give everything I've mentioned, most people aren't going to enjoy this one.

Image Quality

http://www.horrordvds.com/reviews/n-z/necromancer/necromancer_shot5s.jpg (http://www.horrordvds.com/reviews/n-z/necromancer/necromancer_shot5l.jpg) When looking at the image quality it's no doubt that Necromancer was a low budget movie (more on this in a bit). It's presented in a full frame 1.33:1 transfer. Overall Image does a fine job with the DVD image quality, but the movie itself has faded and washed out colors. Again, this is no doubt a result of being a low budget movie that has probably been stored in a closet somewhere. There's minor grain that appears at various spots, but nothing major. Image is overall sharp, with only a few spots where it gets a bit soft. Print blemishes are minimal, and you'll also see some white specks appear, but that's also nothing major. Given the unknown status of the movie and the fact that it was low budget, I think Image did a fine job with the DVD. There's only so much restoration that's going to be done on a movie like this. I'm going to score it with a B.


Necromancer is presented in English Dolby Digital Stereo track. As with most Stereo tracks there isn't much to say here. Dialogue was clear throughout the entire film with no distortion or background noise heard.

Supplemental Material

http://www.horrordvds.com/reviews/n-z/necromancer/necromancer_menus.jpg (http://www.horrordvds.com/reviews/n-z/necromancer/necromancer_menul.jpg) Two trailers - Family Reunion and Night Screams. Neither extra is listed on the package, but rest assured they are there. Those are the only extras on the DVD.

Final Thoughts
In terms of audio/video Image delivers satisfactory on both. Extras consist of a few trailers only. Necromancer may be worth a rental for some, but I'm not sure which some that is.


Movie - C-
Image Quality - B
Sound - A-
Supplements - C

Technical Info.

Running time - 1 hour 28 minutes
1 Disc
Chapter stops
English Dolby Digital Stereo


Two trailers - Family Reunion and Night Screams

Other Pictures

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