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Reviewer: Dave
Review Date: February 28, 2003

Released by:
Release date: 2003
MSRP: $??.?? (Out of Print)

It's time to shake things up a little here at Horrordvds.com. Instead of the usual DVD review, we're doing a comic book review! But have no worries, my horror friends, because this comic book isn't just any comic book. It's a Halloween comic book, licensed and approved by the folks at Compass International. Lets take a look.

The Story

The story is simple enough: Dr. Loomis is back! Well, not really. As it turns out, it's Sam Loomis' son following in good old Dad's footsteps. Dr. Loomis (the son) is a doctor at Smith's Grove Sanitarium. He refuses to participate in the Michael Myers obsession that ruined his father. This Dr. Loomis is a firm believer that Michael Myers is long dead. That is, until a patient by the name of Lindsey Wallace and informs him that the Boogeyman is coming for her.

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Loomis immediately knows who Lindsey is - a survivor of Michael's night of terror back in 1978. She has spent the past few decades suffering from depression and drug problems. Lindsey tells the doctor that she saw Michael Meyers just last year, and that she knows he is coming to kill her. When a masked man shows up at the sanitarium, Dr. Loomis will soon discover the truth of Michael Myers and get the scare of a lifetime.

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After the success of the original, Halloween quickly became the punching bag of both Hollywood and Moustapha Akkad. After each sequel, the continued beatings against Halloween would generally get worse and worse. Sure, there was Part 4, a reasonable entry in the series, but lets remember that it was followed by two terrible sequels. Then there was Halloween: H20, which could have been a decent was to end the series. But since H20 was successful, another sequel was inevitable. We were ultimately delivered the dreadful Halloween: Resurrection, which certainly beat the Halloween franchise into a bloody pulp. Since that time I've been turned off to any news of future Halloween movies. When a reader emailed me and informed me that he was a producer of a new Halloween comic, I gave a subdued response. I wasn't expecting much, to be honest. But what I expected and what I got were two very different things.

More often than not, something made by the fans, for the fans, turns out to be a great idea. Some of the best horror movies - Halloween, Evil Dead, Phantasm - were made by fans of the genre. This is also the case with the Halloween: One Good Scare comic book. The group of people that made it were big fans of the Halloween movie. And thanks to their comic book, some respect has been returned to the Halloween name.

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The idea of giving Dr. Sam Loomis a son is brilliant. It allows you to see someone that is essentially the opposite of the original Loomis; someone that is determined to not become his father. Some will argue (Mr. Pleasence included) that Sam Loomis' obsession with Michael Myers would have prevented him from having a family. Perhaps so, but one could also argue that his son was conceived long before Michael Myers' first murder.

The comic is well drawn; the artwork definitely has an amateur look to it, and I loved it. In a way, it creates an atmosphere for the comic - giving it an artistic and stylish look that separates it from the everyday DC and Marvel comics you might see. The story is well written. It moves at a good pace and includes some nice flashback sequences with Dr. Sam Loomis. In the world of comic books, Sam Loomis could have been brought back, but I like how they let him rest in peace and instead created a son. If there's anything to complain about with this comic, it would be that it's too short and Michael doesn't get enough screen time. The first complaint may be resolved soon, as the producers are hoping to do a seven issue series. The next issue is due out in Summer 2004. In regards to the second complaint, well, Halloween fans should appreciate the lack of screen time, as it mirrors the theme of the original.

Final Thoughts

I was a bit vague in my story outline, and I didn't include some of the better scans from the comic. I think it's only fair to readers to not give away too much. If you like the original Halloween, you'll enjoy this comic. But I suspect many will have the same complaint as myself: it's too short!

If you're interested in owning this, it can be purchased from the Halloween Movies (www.haloweenmovies.com) web site. I encourage anyone that has interest in reading this to go ahead and purchase it. Lets give these guys our support and get the entire seven issue series created.


Story - B+

Thank You for the review! I liked the movies to some extent and would read a comic book about it, especially with a continuation of the original story. I do think you gave enough info to get me hooked :)

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