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Feb 7, 2014
Jul 27, 2008
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Mar 23, 1993 (Age: 25)
Rowlett, Texas
Hoping to become a writer!!!

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New Member, 25, from Rowlett, Texas

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Feb 7, 2014
    1. snowbeast323
      This weekend? Nothing.....the weather doesn't look like its gonna give us a break....its been storming for 2 days :(
      I just got my hair bleached you're man looks a lot different now :)
      Hoping you'll like it..... :D
    2. snowbeast323
      *Another giggle*
      Naughty, naughty, naughty Justin :D:D:D
      Yeah I can imagine lots of things about you.....but I'm gonna keep quiet :D
    3. snowbeast323
      Awww, that made me really happy :) I bet you'd look so much better than me in uniform tho.... :D
    4. snowbeast323
      Well.....If I can get one I'll show it to you.....but I doubt I'll get one.
      Doubt you'd like it anyways, its dorky and geeky.
    5. snowbeast323
      Lucky you :) Is The Stepfanther 2 good? Cuz I loved the first one.
      I wanna buy more but I can't :(

      I''m about to go off to school soon, so I'm sitting here in my uniform typing this like a total dork.....I don't wanna got to school!!!! *stamps feet and cries*:cry: :mad:
    6. snowbeast323
      Well I bought my last DVDs til Christmas on Friday night. The Zombie Flesh Eaters boxset. Its pretty cool.
      I have a huge, huge list of DVDs on my Christmas wish list, so I gotta get the folks to order them for me soon :D
    7. snowbeast323
      Yeah my eyes are all red and kinda sore from the make up.....
      Yay! I gotta get my hair hacked off this week too :D Hopefully.....
    8. snowbeast323
      Awwww poor you :(
      Well you should be a "good boy" like me then :D
      My hair's full of knots from last night, thats my only complaint
      The hangover was bareable :D :)
    9. snowbeast323
      That doesn't sound fun at all.... :(
      I left my friend's birthday party just after midnight, I didn't really dress up. I had really thick black eye make-up on and my sister made my hair curly.
      I was completely wasted....but I remember telling my friend I had to leave cuz Halloween/Halloween II were on TV.....what was I thinking.....?
      I was thinking things about you last night, that are not suitable for me to type on here :D
    10. snowbeast323
      Its just hard for me to be me now, when everything seems to be going wrong.....
      I dunno, maybe I'll write something tonight, it might help....
      Spank me another day when I feel happier.
    11. Body Boy
      Body Boy
      Happy HalloweeN as well! :D
    12. snowbeast323
      Good luck with the party of course.....
      As far as I'm concerned Halloween can go to hell, and take me with it. It'd be better than being fucked around by everyone around me.
      I'm sorry that happened to you yesterday.....
      If someone wanted to choke me right now, I doubt I'd fight 'em.....
    13. snowbeast323
      The injections were supposed to stop me getting both kinds of flu, but they made me really really sick....
      And then on Thusday night a "friend" suddenly started screaming at me on MSN saying all kinds of hurtful shit, calling me all kinds of names....
      My sister told me she's moving away to London soon too :(
      Kill me now....
    14. snowbeast323
      For swine flu and then regular flu....I feel really sick now.
      Honestly, I feel crappy in every way.....
    15. snowbeast323
      Hmmm, orgasmic read? Well I'll see what I can do.....its a fun mission trying to impress you :) I think I have just the thing tho....go me!:D

      In other news I got two injections yesterday, so I'm in major pain now..... can't more my arms....:cry:
      I was doped outta my brain on pain killers last night, it was fun :D:D:D:D
      Now I'm very :sleepy::sleepy:
    16. snowbeast323
      That story will never be my proudest achievement as a writer, I honestly don't like it....
      I put faceless characters in a ridiculous and unreal situation, I think I should stick to horror stories.....
      It was sweet of you to say you loved it, but I'm very "meh..." about it.....You deserved something better written for you I think.
      The only reason I like it at all is cuz it has tributes to my sister, an actress I like, and of course you....
      Anyways I'm 12 pages into a new horror story now.....what I have so far frightened my it must be okay :)
    17. snowbeast323
      Uh-oh, You're reading it.....*gulp* :eek1:
    18. snowbeast323
      I just sent you something special :)
      Remember that story I promised you? :)
    19. snowbeast323
      Her name's Brogan.....the one who doesn't believe you exsist.
      She's wrong of course :)
    20. snowbeast323
      Yeah she'd be in Austrailia now, she was leaving a couple of hours after our movie on Friday night.....
      Gah! My friend is torturing me on MSN right
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    Mar 23, 1993 (Age: 25)
    Rowlett, Texas
    Hoping to become a writer!!!
    American Idol is my crack!!!



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