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    1. Crystal Plumage
      Crystal Plumage
      Yeah, I will try to sell my copy to buy the other one. No big loss that way ;)
    2. Crystal Plumage
      Crystal Plumage
      I do have the remastered Poseidon CD. But, as you said, that release has two extra tracks: Cat Food (single) and Groon (Cat Food b-side)
      I need those as well.
    3. Crystal Plumage
      Crystal Plumage
      The new remasters are the same as the older remasters. Only now all rereleased by DGM (Fripp's company)
      The new Japanese releases are on socalled HQCD. Apparently a better material was used for these CDs and these should sound better. Sounds just like a gimmick to me. The music would be the same though and to me the 24 bit remasters are the definitive editions.
      Unless.. you want to listen to them in 5.1, in that case you'll have to wait and buy the Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) 5.1 remixes in the near future:

      "...the first two KC albums intended to be released in surround will be Lizard and Red, due in March. The plan is to issue two titles at a time over the next year or so, with October targeted for the 40th anniversary of ITCOTCK."

      If you are interested in those Japanese discs, I recommend CDJapan. They're much cheaper than Amazon and reliable:
    4. Crystal Plumage
      Crystal Plumage
      "Hey I didnt see that u posted this on your side not on mine."

      I don't know what happened, I just add to the "Conversation Between shockwave and Crystal Plumage "..I'll never fully understand this internet thing.. ;)

      Anyway.. Those MFSLs are going for crazy amounts. A sealed copy of Meddle:

      That's ludicrous :eek1:

      Most of the ones I try to buy via eBay etc. start low but end up costing around $100
      That's a bit too steep for me. Still hoping to get one for around $60 or something.
      My Yes MFSL of Fragile was only $30 when I bought it last year. In a couple of years it will be doubled.

      I've seen RW's Dark Side tour a couple of years ago. Great show. Also have the CD and DVD ofcourse (In The Flesh Live)
    5. Crystal Plumage
      Crystal Plumage
      I forgot UK. I don't know if you know them? It's a Bill Bruford/John wetton collaboration with Eddy Jobson (initiator/bandleader) and Allan Holdsworth. Great band. Later Bruford (and Holdsworth) left and was replaced by Terry Bozzio (ex-Frank Zappa). They even had a tiny hitsingle here Holland: Rendez-Vous 6.02 .

      Asia related would be Wetton/Downes' iCon:
    6. Crystal Plumage
      Crystal Plumage
      If you like the Wetton era I'd recommend getting the two Great deceiver 2CD sets. Also The Night Watch Live in Amsterdam is one of the best. Easy Money and The Talking Drum (tracks 6 and 8 from disc two of "Cirkus Live") are from that set. Improv Besancon,Fracture and Starless are from The Great deceiver Boxset.

      I sold my copy of The Tokyo Tapes. It was okay but I didn't play it anymore. Some great tracks but Hackett's solo work doesn't "click" with me.
      I do still have it on VHS somewhere though.

      Seems you are a bit of a Wetton fan? You could check out Monkey Business which is a compilation of Wetton/Palmer-James demos and live recordings.

      No, I don't think I like Asia. At least the stuff I know. I even had an Asia CD once (Aura), but I sold it. Wasn't the original line up anyway.
      Steve Howe is one of my alltime favorite guitarists (big Yes fan!), John Wetton has a great voice and Geoff Downes is a fine keyboardist. But still, it's too AOR for me. Too friendly.
    7. Crystal Plumage
      Crystal Plumage
      I have all the studio releases. Also almost all officially released live albums. I haven't checked out the Collector's Club releases yet but I have some on CDr.
      And I have three DVDs.

      The ProjeKcts are great too. If you like those I recommend getting the Rieflin, Fripp, Gunn collaboration "Repercussions of Angelic Behaviour" as well.

      Do you have a favorite era? I guess it depends on the mood you're in.
      Why no THRAK or The ConstruKction of Light in your collection ?

      I went to Adrian Belew last year. Great stuff. Probably the closest to Crim related you can get nowadays here in Holland. This year Tony Levin will play here with his "Stickmen" tour. Featuring Pat Mastelotto. That would be great but I'm afraid I can not go. Lack of transport being the biggest problem.

      Check out The Great Deceivers, a KC cover band. Pretty cool:


    8. Crystal Plumage
      Crystal Plumage
      Yes sir!
      Still one of the greatest band around. It's very addictive collecting their music.
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