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    I heard about this a few weeks ago but didn't really know what they were.. Uh.. I still don't know exactly what they are and what all they contain but the text from the Hammer site is below.

    Hammer site also has pictures of the covers. Are these worth looking into? Are the trailer DVDs going to have stuff like Twins of Evil that aren't available on the Anchor Bay DVD?


    On 3 July, the DVDs The Horror of Hammer and Tales of Frankenstein will be released by All Day Entertainment in the US. The Horror of Hammer is a 97-minute compilation of original trailers, and Tales of Frankenstein is a 105-minute disc featuring trailers, interviews, and the complete unbroadcast pilot of Hammer's Tales of Frankenstein, starring Anton Diffring as the Baron. Both of these sound as though they're well worth tracking down.
  2. I thought I'd posted about this a week or so ago, but it looks as if I completely forgot, so I thank Jae for posting this info. :) I checked to see what films may be covered in the trailer disc and this is what was listed:
    • Curse of Frankenstein
    • Revenge of Frankenstein
    • Evil of Frankenstein
    • Frankenstein Created Woman
    • Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
    • Horror of Frankenstein
    • Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell
    • Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas
    • The Hound of the Baskervilles
    • Creeping Unknown
    • Enemy From Space
    • Five Million Years to Earth
    • X the Unknown
    • These are the Damned
    • One Million Years BC
    • When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
    • Creatures the World Forgot
    • The Old Dark House
    • Nightmare
    • The Devil’s Own
    • Devil’s Bride
    • To the Devil a Daughter
    • Plague of the Zombies
    • Curse of the Werewolf
    • The Mummy
    • Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb
    • The Mummy’s Shroud
    • Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb
    • Rasputin
    • The Reptile
    • Stranglers of Bombay
    • The Man Who Could Cheat Death
    • The Gorgon
    • Night Creatures
    • Phantom of the Opera
    • House of Fright
    • Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde
    • Horror of Dracula
    • Brides of Dracula
    • Dracula Prince of Darkness
    • Dracula Has Risen From the Grave
    • Taste the blood of Dracula
    • Scars of Dracula
    • Dracula AD 1972
    • Dracula and His Vampire Bride
    • Kiss of the Vampire
    • Capt. Kronos Vampire Hunter
    • The Vampire Lovers
    • Lust For a Vampire
    • Twins of Evil
    • Vampire Circus
    • Countess Dracula
    • The 7 Brothers and Their One Sister Meet Dracula

    Plus Additional Bonus!
    • When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth alternate version
    • Beauties and Beasts (original behind-the-scenes promotional short for When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth)
    • Brides of Dracula alternate version
    • Dracula AD 1972 alternate version
    • Prince of Terror (original behind-the-scenes promotional short for Dracula AD 1972)
    • Countess Dracula alternate version

    I'd say from some of the tiels being used in the trailers that these are mainly the US trailers, but some I've never seen and I can't wait to watch this disc! :D

    As for, Tales of Frankenstein:

    For the first time on DVD, you’ll see the half-hour pilot for a TV series, Tales of Frankenstein, produced by Hammer films in 1959, directed by Curt (Donovan’s Brain) Siodmak, plus hysterical appearances by Lon Chaney and Glenn Strange with Abbott and Costello, and a clip from Chaney’s ill-fated broadcast of Frankenstein on the early live TV anthology Tales of Tomorrow. As extra added-value attractions, this DVD also includes an audio interview with Boris Karloff, a filmed interview with Karloff, and interviews with Hammer producer Michael Carreras and “Baron Frankenstein” himself, actor Peter Cushing. Plus.....Tales of Frankenstein Trailer Collection:
    • Frankenstein
    • Bride of Frankenstein
    • Son of Frankenstein
    • Boris Karloff interview
    • Ghost of Frankenstein
    • Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman
    • House of Frankenstein
    • House of Dracula
    • Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
    • Curse of Frankenstein
    • How to Make a Monster
    • I Was a Teenage Frankenstein
    • Frankenstein’s Daughter
    • Frankenstein Conquers the World
    • Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster
    • Munster Go Home
    • Frankenstein 1970
    • Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter & Billy the Kid vs. Dracula
    • Lady Frankenstein
    • Dracula vs. Frankenstein
    • Frankenstein Created Woman
    • Michael Carreras Interview
    • Tales of Frankenstein (1958 Hammer TV Pilot, with alternate audio commentary track)
    • Tales of Tomorrow (excerpts from Lon Chaney’s appearance as Frankenstein)
    • Young Frankenstein

      Plus Additional Bonus!
      • Frankenstein re-issue trailer
      • Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein bloopers
      • Abbott and Costello TV appearance
      • How to Make a Monster, alternate version
        and radio interviews with Boris Karloff and Glenn Strange

      Sounds like two discs that definitely need to be in any Hammer fan's collection and possibly any Universal fan's as well!
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    Twins of Evil... 'nuff said, baby! :D
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    Thanks for the info :) How are they able to put all of these trailers out on DVD? I would think that the rights problems between all the different companies holding the Hammer movies and even Universal would keep them from releasing the DVDs.

    I just took a look at their site (didn't know they had the specs up yet) and the Hammer DVD even has a commentary with 3 'horror scholars'. Sounds cool.

    But it definately sounds like I'll get them both. There are alot of cool trailers on the Hammer DVD. I usually don't like buying trailer only DVDs but these sound good and most of this stuff probably won't show up on DVD anytime soon. Then you have to convenience of having them all together if you just want to run through some trailers.

    Thanks :)
  5. These two discs do sound very promising, don't they? I know I'll be adding these to my collection...one way or another. :D
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    JAE - Before the mid-eighties trailers were public domain (i.e. studios didn't copyright trailers) so no rights problems. I'm really looking forward to these DVDs, I looooove trailers!
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    Thanks for the info. So now the question is why didn't Anchor Bay put any of these trailers on their old DVD? I can only assume they didn't want to track them down..

    Anyways I'm also looking forward to them both. Not so much the 2nd one though. It would be cool if they had thrown some more trailers on there like for the Dracula movies but I know its not a Tales of Dracula DVD. :)
  8. I always assumed that Anchor Bay was just interested in showcasing the Hammer films they were planning to release to DVD at the time the trailer disc was released.
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    Found this over at Amazon. A few other etailers have it to though. Check www.dvdpricesearch.com.


    Yayy! The July 3rd date seems to be holding. Keep yer fingers crossed! :D
  10. These are fantastic looking covers and I'm hoping the scheduled release date holds, too! :D

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