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Discussion in 'Classic' started by jas1081, Sep 18, 2001.

  1. jas1081

    jas1081 Guest

    I have been looking to pick up a few Hammer films and I just wanted to know if there were any good gore hammer films? Or any films that i should pick up.
  2. skinnypuppy6

    skinnypuppy6 Guest

    try some of the Dracula titles as for gore Hammer is pretty lite on the gore compared to say italian cinema
  3. jas1081

    jas1081 Guest

    What are some of the Dracula movies you recommend? I have Scars of Dracula and I just picked up The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires.
  4. Hammicus

    Hammicus Guest

    Commonly except as the best of the Hammer Vampire flicks are - Dracula aka Horror Of Dracula, Brides Of Dracula & Kiss Of the Vampire.

    My personal favorites are Twins Of Evil, Dracula AD 72, Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires and Captain Kronos, you can't also go wrong with The Vampire Lovers.

  5. Check out Lust For A Vampire, Vampire Lovers, Vampire Circus for the best Hammer beauties. Yutte Stensguard, Ingrid Pitt, the Collinson twins - unreal!

    Also check out rarely seen Scream Of Fear - awesome early black & white stuff & very gripping. The Abominable Snowman Of The Himalayas & Phantom Ship are great too.

    Curse Of frankenstein, Curse Of The Werewolf, Dr Jeckyl & Sister Hyde, Hands Of The Ripper - all beautiful.

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