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Discussion in 'Asian Horror and Other Pleasures' started by dwatts, May 9, 2005.

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    I would say most asian films are not region 2 or 3, unless they are on the verge of being sold as international hits, such as Infernal Affairs, or the more recent release-Kung Fu Hustle. Those are region coded 3.

    My experinece is yes they are likely bootleges if the cover is some what fuzzy, poor subtitling, main cover has (DVD-9), fake looking DVD Video logo, etc. It's hard to tell at first, but after purchasing enough of the legit versions, you can easily tell the fake ones.

    I usually purchase my dvds from reliable places like, they're located in HK, but they are the best deal for legitimate DVDs. Next best place I'd check out is, they are located in the US.

    Quick "horror" recommendations for starters:

    The Eye (there are 2 sequels, you might want to check those out too) (HK)
    Dark Water (Jpn)
    The Ring (Jpn)
    The Phone (Krn)
    Biozombie (HK) - Dawn of the Dead spoof :)
    Tale of Two Sisters (Krn)
    Koma (HK)
    Untold Story (HK)
    Ebola Syndrome (HK)
    Dr. Lamb (HK)
    Audition (Jpn)
    One Missed Call (Jpn)
    Ichi The Killer (Jpn) - Although not really horror, it's still horrific.
    Story of Ricky Oh (HK) - Ultra violent action, and I mean VIOLENT.

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    I love the "Midnight Eye" site given above. I don't agree with the reviews, but hey, nothing wrong with that. It didn't have the first film from my list I decided to buy, but it's very good indeed. I'll start a thread dedicated to my first purchase.

    Thanks all again! How about HorrorDVD's start posting more asian reviews? Up-to-date reviews is the only reason that keeps me going back to DVDmaniacs....

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