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  1. crank

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    I noticed that in the news section, they have Aenigma listed as one of Image Entertainments Sept. releases. But Image's website still has no releases listed for Sept. I was wondering if anybody could confirm that this is the Lucio Fulci film, and if anybody had any specs on it. If it is so, that will mean 5 more Fulci releases before the end of the year (on top of the 3 that just came out). I'm a happy boy

  2. jak

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    yep its the Fulci film, one I've been wanting to see fora while now ever since I saw the trailer. Unfortunetly the disc will have no extra's and will be priced at 24.99 which is abit much for a disc with nothing! Also the Image Cat In The Brain dvd IS NOT THE GRINDHOUSE DVD! So save yhour money, because the Grindhouse version will blow Image's version right out of the damn water! jak
  3. crank

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    Image has kind of erked me in the past. There "Euroshock Collection" releases some great movies that I'm always thrilled to see come out, but I do wish they'd put just the slightest bit of effort into them. I mean, my Asylum DVD doesn't even have a real menu.

  4. NickyDoyle

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    No extra's what so ever, and their charging $25? Christ, I know Image is an underground company, and they have to pay for the films rights, but come on, $15-20 is the most they should charge for a bare bones disk. At the very least, make up a generic biography to tac on. Then, use the same one for your next disk!:D j/k. Seriously, ├ćnigma is a very hard to find movie and the print probably won't be in the best shape, but at they should at least pad out the price with a few extras.

    Rant done!
  5. crank

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    Image puts so much effort into getting Tim Lucas to write blurbs about all of the Bava and most of the Franco titles, why not get him to write up pieces for the Fulci ones. If not him, I'm sure Steven Thrower could use the money (author of Beyond Terror: The Films of Lucio Fulci). The only problem with him is he kind of disses almost every one of Fulci's later films. I guess I shouldn't whine to much. At least were getting the DVD in Region 1.

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    does any one know if images version will be letter boxed or pan/scanfullframe like ZEDER
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    I hope Image does a good job on this DVD. Can't wait to get more Fulci on DVD.
  8. crank

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    It's going to be widescreen. and the coverart is up at their website, it looks pretty cool. I also found some info on the Fulci site @ shocking images that stated that Image has also got the rights to Voices From Beyond. So hopefully we'll be seeing even more Fulci in the next couple months.


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