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    Could someone post a list of Amicus titles out on DVD (region 1 & 2)?

    And also tell me if there are other Hammer DVDs apart from the ones released by Anchor Bay? (I know about the UK region 2 "She" DVD, and Image's "Kiss of the Vampire" and "Spaceways".)

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  2. AMICUS:
    And now the Screaming Starts (Image R1) **
    Asylum (Image R1 + R2) **
    Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (R2 Italian DVD: Cinque Chiave del Terrore) **
    Vault of Horror (Vipco R2) **


    Abominable Snowman (Anchor Bay R0) *
    Blood from the Mummy's Tomb (Anchor Bay R1) **
    Devil rides out (Anchor Bay R0) ** (the Warner R2 version is off the schedule)
    Dracula Prince of Darkness R0(AB) + R2(Warner) but buy the Anchor Bay DVD **
    Dr. Jeckyl and Sister Hyde (Anchor Bay R1) ***
    Frankenstein created Woman (Anchor Bay R0) ***
    Hound of the Baskervilles (MGM R1) ***
    Horror of Frankenstein (Anchor Bay R1) **
    Kiss of the Vampire (Image R1) **
    Lust for a Vampire (Anchor Bay R1) ***
    The Mummy (Warner R1) **
    Mummy's Shroud (Anchor Bay R0) *
    Plague of the Zombies (Anchor Bay R0) ***
    Quatermass 2 (Anchor Bay R0) *
    Quatermass and the Pit (Anchor Bay R0) *
    Rasputin the Mad Monk (Anchor Bay R0) **
    The Reptile (Anchor Bay R0) ***
    Satanic Rites of Dracula (Anchor Bay R0)
    = aka Count Dracula and his Vampire Bride (Diamond R1) **
    Scars of Dracula (Anchor Bay R1) ***
    She (Warner R2) *
    Vampire Lovers R2 Prime Ltd (cut) ***
    The Witches (Anchor Bay R0) **
    X - the Unknown (Anchor Bay R0)

    Demons of the Mind (Anchor Bay R1) *** (july)
    Fear in the Night (Anchor Bay R1) ** (oct)
    To the Devil a Daughter (Anchor Bay R1) ** (oct)
    Horror of Dracula (Warner R1) *** (oct)
    Curse of Frankenstein (Warner R1) ** (oct)
    Vampire Lovers (MGM R1) *** (nov)

    Paramount plans a release of some Hammers in 2003
    Universal and Columbia keep silence...
    They have still a lot of work to do !!!!
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    The Amicus film "Vault of Horror" is also available on a R2 UK DVD.
  4. How could I forget this one!
    I bought the DVD and I loved the movie.
    (but .. it's is not 16 x 9 )
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    Is "Vault..." uncut on DVD ?. -My PAL VHS is missing a bit of the "hand scene" with Denholm Elliott.
  6. the running time is not longer than the vhs
    it is cut
    (VIPCO is the specialist in special "uncut" versions)
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    I was pondering this one, and I thought it wasn't only not 16x9, but that it was full-frame. If it isn't, I'd definitely appreciate knowing as I've got a soft spot for both it and the original Tales from the Crypt movie.

  8. Behemoth

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    Also by Hammer: "Phantom Ship" (aka "The Mystery of Marie Celeste"), with Bela Lugosi, will be released May 28 by Image Entertainment.

    Anchor Bay will release Hammer's "Hell Is a City" and "Straight on till Morning" this summer, in addition to the ones already mentioned above.

    All these are of course region 1 releases.
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  9. It is full frame 4x3
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    No plans at all to release "Brides Of Dracula" on DVD? Or, did i miss it? :)
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    Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (R2 Italian DVD: Cinque Chiave del Terrore)

    Dr. Terror's House of Horrors (R2 Italian DVD: Cinque Chiave del Terrore) : Does this have an English audio track, or is it dubbed in Italian?
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    And dont forget Anchor Bays The Lost Continent with the fakest looking monsters this side of Ed Wood But still a great guilty pleasure
  14. (new) Upcoming Hammer in the UK

    Will be released in october (only an anouncement)

    Hammer Horror resurrected on DVD

    Hammer horror fans can look forward to seeing some of their favourite chillers this autumn when Warner Home Video exhumes Blood From The Mummys Tomb (1971), The Devil Rides Out (1968), Horror of Frankenstein (1970), Lust For A Vampire (1971) and Scars of Dracula (1970).

    The titles will be available in a specially packaged boxset or you can buy them seperately. No details on extras or price are available yet but the provisional release date is 14th October.

    Biggest question: can Warner keep the promise?

    Many among us have already bought the beautiful Anchor Bay DVDs with a lot of extras...

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