Any Hammer info from the AB chat?

Discussion in 'Classic' started by carl.kolchak, Sep 19, 2001.

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    I completely forgot about the AB HTF chat Tuesday evening, did anyone check it out or get in any Hammer questions?
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    Hey Carl,
    I'm asleep right now, so I can't remember everything, but Lust for a Vampire and Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde are both still on track for, what is it, a November release? Like I said, I'm asleep, but whenever the date is, they're still on track. That's about all that was said, except that there were no new title acquisitions. Damn Warner and MGM!
  3. carl.kolchak

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    Thanks mutley, I was going to ask if they would consider remastering Dracula Prince of Darkness but I might just send them an email, they are usually fast to reply.
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    There's a transcript at

    Here are the Hammer related questions/answers (apologies if I missed any):

    <glennlevesque> Hi, Michael, and thanks for all, have any plans on adding a french track on your future hammer collection titles(like prince of darkness,rasputin and plague of the zombies) ?

    <MichaelFelsher> Glad you asked that, we will be adding French tracks to some of our upcoming releases if they are available...sometimes it is not possible to use foreign language tracks, but whenever it is feasible to do so, we will.

    <stevens> Hi Michael do you have any plans on getting new rights for hammer collection titles like vampire circus,captain chronos,twins of evil...

    <MichaelFelsher> The problem with the Hammer titles is that the rights are spread out with many different studios and companies. We will certainly release the Hammer titles we are able to get ahold of, but those ones you mentioned are not planned at this time.

    <PeterMFitzgerald> Cheers, Michael. I heard recently that MGM no longer holds the rights to a great Brit sci-fi flick, THE UNEARTHLY STRANGER ('63), starring John Neville (Gilliam's BARON MUNCHAUSEN, X-FILES). It is very much in the vein of DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE (great job, btw!) and the QUATERMASS films (ditto!), so is there a decent chance of you putting it out in the near future? Also is there a street date yet for DR. JEKYLL & SISTER HYDE?

    <MichaelFelsher> Hi Peter, I wasn't aware of that title's situation, I will pass the information on. Hammer's DR JEKYLL is set for November 20th along with LUST FOR A VAMPIRE.

    <BenMotley> Hello Michael, thanks for coming! I would just like to first thank you and AB for their ongoing commitment to Hammer Films. The new releases are beautiful! . Also, great work on the Wicker Man box, and thank you thank you thank you for such a bang up job on Suspiria, and the Citizen Kane of horror, Maniac.

    <MichaelFelsher> Thank you Ben!

    <BenMotley> As far as Hammer goes, I am very excited about Lust for a Vampire and Dr.Jekyll and Sister Hyde. My question regarding those has been asked and answered already, so I’ll ask when can we expect Dawn of the Dead? It seems like this keeps getting pushed back.

    <MichaelFelsher> Right now we hope DAWN can be re-released late next year, but that is tentative right now.
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    Thanks for the full rundown ctyner! :cool: I hope everyone will hit Warner hard in a few weeks, if all I see are Wonka and Cats & Dogs questions I might never return to the HTF! :D

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