Are these Hammer films any good?

Discussion in 'Classic' started by BlazeRockhard, Oct 12, 2001.

  1. Saw the following Hammer flicks at Sam Goody for 2.99 and was wondering if they were any good:

    The Vengence of She
    Prehistoric Women
    The Viking Queen

    I know three dollars is cheap, but if these movies are real bad I think I'll pass.

    Blaze Rockhard
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    It depends what you're looking for. I personally like the films mentioned, especially Prehistoric Woman.
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    Most of the Hammer starlets couldn't act (IMO), but at such a low price, get 'em !. I like "Viking Queen" best, it has a couple of good battle scenes and Andrew Keir is fabulous as always, but Don Murray is totally miscast. "Vengeance..." is not as good as "She", but it does feature the great Colin Blakely. "Prehistoric..." I haven't seen yet.
  4. Thanks for the input. For 3 bucks, I think I will check them out.

    Blaze Rockhard

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