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Discussion in 'Asian Horror and Other Pleasures' started by timrev, Oct 14, 2002.

  1. timrev

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    I have been trying to find these asian dvd's. Does anyone know where I can find them. Region code no worry.

    Korean Remake Ring Versus
  2. 2D4EVER

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    Ebay, HKFlix, DVDshelf, DDDhouse, DVDshelf, the list goes on. It NONE of them have it (which I highly doubt is the case), Junk and Versus are coming to the US in the near future.

    Later all...
  3. Bods

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    Junk so far has only been released with english subtitles in Germany. If the PAL nature of the German disc is a problem, as 2D4Ever pointed out, it's been picked up for R1 distribution by Unearthed Films. have the German DVD.

    Versus' only official DVD with english subtitles is the Japanese DVD, which can be bought from , or

    It'll cost you about US$40.

    The Ring Virus can be had from
    Poker recently got a low supply in, but they've sold out again. are out of stock too.
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  4. Shannafey

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    South Florida, But Far from the Hell that is Miami has Versus and Junk for sure, since I bought them both. They are region 0.
  5. KillerCannabis

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    So Cal
    When did Korea remake Versus?
  6. timrev

    timrev Guest

    Sorry, when I listed the film it was supposed to be the Korean remake of Ring called Ring Virus. I have been able to find these films now through the various vendors listed. Having a multi-region player is a beautiful thing! Thanks...
  7. Mr.Vengance

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    Well, this is my opinion on the flicks you're interested in.

    Versus is waaay over hyped. Get a cheap bootleg of it if you can find it. It's just not worth picking up the pricey legit version in my opinion.

    I haven't seen Junk yet but I spend a lot of time on KFCCinema's forum and I recall a lot of hype surrounding this one as well. Once people started getting around to seeing it though the popular opinion seemed to be one of mediocrity. Be warned.

    As for Ring Virus, I'd only recommend you get this one if you've seen the three japanese films based on the novels. Then make damn sure that you're so obscessed with learning everything there is to learn about Sadako that you absolutely must be a completist and you have to see this movie. I felt it was a severely watered down version of the japanese original. The female character wasn't nearly as strong or as charismatic as her japanese counterpart. I scored this one on a bootleg videotape about a year ago and was glad I didn't spend too much on it.

    If you're still interested in getting these I'd recommend you pick them up from Especially if you intend on getting them all at once. PokerIndustries has free shipping on any order over 50 dollars so it would be worth it to look into them. Plus they're New Jersey based and shipping would most likely be quite speedy if you're a US resident.

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