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Discussion in 'Classic' started by HammerFANatic, Mar 23, 2001.

  1. Wow! Here's some great news for all Region 2 Hammer fans:

    That bit of info was found at the Official Hammer Site, here....Hammer Film Productions
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    Yeah that is great news and makes a crappy couple of days a little better :) Is it safe to assume that Warner will do these in widescreen? I know they do basically all their US stuff anamorphic but I've heard that R2 releases get the shaft (not specifically talking about Warner here) alot.. Any word on any US DVD releases?

    Just another comment. It could possibly be awhile before any of us see these or ANY Warner Hammer DVDs in the US.. If they're done right and you want them, I think everyone should look into a DVD-Rom or another region free player. I have a DVD-Rom and its the only player I use and aside from a problem playing Austin Powers 2 (which I since got rid of, bad movie) its a terrific player and I get to check out R2 DVDs like Dellamorte Dellamore, The Convent, Vampire's Night Orgy and everything that isn't released here and its really great. I think everybody should have one. I for one am planning on picking up all of the R2 Hammer DVDs!
  3. Jae, I have a region free player, but is there still a chance I'd not be able to watch these disc due to NTSC and PAL problems with the TV?
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    What kind of player do you have? I'm not sure about anything like an Apex or 'regular' region free player but as far as my DVD-Rom goes I just switch it to 'Force output to NTSC' and all PAL DVDs play beautifully on an NTSC TV. I'm sure if players like the Apex are region free they have to have some type of PAL/NTSC switching but I've never seen one so I'm not for sure. I would around about that or maybe look into your players settings. But you should be OK. :)

    I'm really excited about these DVDs. I've been wanting to get Curse and Dracula since I saw them and haven't seen The Mummy yet but definately want to. It looks great.
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    Yeah, the region issue is a bitch. I've got a Region 1 player, and I just checked and found that my main DVD-ROM is region-locked as well. I'm going to look into getting a R0 player with PAL/NTSC once I get a job, but there are a few things I can recommend...

    1) You may still be able to watch PAL discs on your NTSC television even without conversion. My player is R1, but it's a model that was originally marketed in both the U.S. and Europe, the only differences are in the region and the power supply. It can output both PAL and NTSC signals. I've got a decoder card that works fairly well, but out of curiosity, I put a region-free PAL disc in and I was able to view it. Yes, the image was in black and white, and my TV dropped the bottom 100 lines of resolution, but it was still watchable.

    2) We've got something available in the downloads section to check if your DVD-ROM is region-locked. If it isn't, you shouldn't have a problem. If it is, there is a way to get around it. Simply copy the contents of the disc onto your hard drive (provided you have enough space) and open the files manually with your DVD program. I saw a friend of mine do this with a Hong Kong import that his DVD-ROM rejected, and it worked fine.
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    Thanks HF, this is definitely good news! :cool: I think we might see these in region 1 this year as well, this is from the HTF Warner chat on April 18, 2000, I wasn't going to get my hopes up, but with the R2 disc scheduled it's looking much better. :)

    Jim_K: I'm a big fan of older Hammer horror titles that you own such as HORROR OF DRACULA, MUMMY etc. do you have any release plans?

    Warner_Bros: HORROR OF DRACULA, THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN and THE MUMMY (1959) are 4th Qtr 2001 possibilities.
  7. Well, if we actually get these discs in their UNcut versions.....I won't bitch, moan or complain about anything...for a while! ;)
  8. carl.kolchak

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    I'd bet Warner will release these uncut, anamorphic and with great transfers, they don't scare me the way MGM does. :) Warner has been on a roll with their transfers on some older films like North by Northwest and The Time Machine, and the upcoming Superman is already getting great transfer reviews. :D
  9. CK, if Warner gives us anything close to what, The Time Machine looks and sounds like, I'll be a very happy camper! Everything about that Time Machine disc is wonderful...the look, sound and supplements! :D

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