BIG News For Hammer Fans!

Discussion in 'Classic' started by HammerFANatic, May 13, 2001.

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    Have you read this:

    "Hammer horror is about essential, mainstream entertainment. Therefore, the films that emerge from this agreement will be aimed squarely at the commercial marketplace, where they will have to compete with the best that Hollywood has to offer."

    Not very good news (mainstream entertainment?)...

    I think the new owners shouldn't release any new movies under the "Hammer" name, since they will certainly "ruin" the studios's excelent reputation.

    Why don't they start to have a more active role on dvd releases (finding lost footage, ...), and give up the idea of making new films?

    By the way, I have a question to all members of this forum:

    Do you think they can make a "true Hammer movie" in the present, and still have the same appeal the "old" releases had?

    I think not. I mean, the new movies won't feature the actors & directors we all love, and I don't believe they can even come close to a decent Hammer film. Times have changed, and I don't think things can be the same way they were some decades ago.
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    Thanks for the info HF! I can't wait for the new Hammer films to come. I'd bet these films will remain as true as possible in style to the classic films and I wouldn't be suprised to see many actors from the older films, especially in supporting roles.

    Also on the plus side, these should only increase interest in the older films, we might even see several releases of older films result or better editions that would not have taken place. And think of what Chris Lee has often said, how exciting it would have been to have todays special effects! These 6 films can't arrive quick enough for me!!! :D
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    This is great news indeed!

    I have a couple of questions, since I'm not a huge Hammer fan but respect most of the work that has been done over the years.

    1 - How long has it been since the Hammer studios released a film? And, what was the name of that film?

    2 - Do you think the new Hammer films will follow the Hammer tradition or do you think it will go the Hollywood route and release sub-genre shitty films?
  4. Yes, I had read that, but I also feel they are saying if the entire quote is read that Hammer has a certain reputation to uphold and they plan on keeping that reputation intact. Naturally, if they are to release films, there's always hope that *mainstream* audiences will embrrace their effort, but, if Hammer Studios remains true to their original format of filmmaking, chances are, their audience may be small, but very strong.

    I'm hoping the same thing, CK! I hope Hammer films will enjoy even more interest than we already see and that as a result, we'll enjoy many more disc releases! :D

    ZK, the last film released by the studio was in 1979....The Lady Vanishes, a remake of the Alfred Hitchcock film of 1938. Hammer's film starred, Elliott Gould, Cybil Shepherd, Herbert Lom and Angela Lansbury and was a box office disaster. As far as their final horror effort, that would have been in 1976....To the Devil...A Daughter. I'm hoping that the new investors will look at projects/ideas written but never produced, as Hammer had a plethora of stories and many sounded fantastic, unfortunately, they never made it to film, so I hope this is where they begin their attempt at returning to the big screen.
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    i remember about 7 years ago Hammer were going to relaunch by just remaking their old movies, something I wasn't very keen on.
    I'm a little apprehensive about Hammer's new owner's attitudes aboutther new movies. If they can give their film s a decent british feeling and intelligent stories I'm for it. They should read a load of HELLBLAZER comics to get in the right frame of mind for modern british horror.
    I'm a film maker myself, and am going to try to see If I can find some work here.

    Anybdy remember the VAMPIRELLA? Hammer's promised but never delivered movie? I know Jim Wynorski did a version a few years ago, but I avoided that. Maybe Hammer should do that.

    Personally I'd like to see a proper conclusion to the Dracula series as their first film, if they could get Christopher Lee back one last time. :mad:

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