BLOOD CULT-a review by Ryan Burgos

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    A shot-on-video movie finally gets a review. By moi....

    It seems that there is someone on a college campus killing girls by dismemberment and leaving only one clue in the crime scene: a golden amulet with a dogs head on it. The local sheriff is up for re-election and the only sure way to win is to solve the murders. Is the long-dead cult Caninus behind the evil doings? And if so, why?

    BLOOD CULT isn't scary. It's pretty gory. You got to hand it to the actors: if they hammed it up anymore, an Easter dinner could be served to the crew.

    555 (1988)
    Hell Night (1981)
    The Slumber Party Massacre (1982)

    Charles Ellis......Sheriff Wilbois
    Julie Andelman..Tina
    Josef Hardt.......Detective

    THE MOVIE: 2/4

    THE PICTURE QUALITY: 4/10 Presented in it's original aspect ratio of 1.33:1, BLOOD CULT has it's scenes where the camera becomes mirkey and you can't see some things.

    THE AUDIO QUALITY: 8/10 2.0 stereo sound is fine on my tv's sound system.

    THE SPECIAL FEATURES: Commentary with the director, musical director and effects supervisor, several trailers for both this film and others. (City of the Dead A.K.A Horror Hotel, Don't Look in the Basement, Blood and Black Lace, The Bird With Crystal Plumage,
    Satan's Cheerleaders, Murder Rap, Forever Evil, Death Game and

    SUBTITLES: none

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    Keeping this on the list. It shall not be moved to the bottom in less than 5 minutes!
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    This film sucks. It certainly isn't one of the worst I've ever seen, but nevertheless it left a horrible taste in my mouth afterwards. :nervous:

    EDIT: I thought about it for about two seconds, and changed my opinion of the film. I suppose it wasn't too bad, but I wouldn't waste my money on the DVD, let's just put it that way. :p
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    Well, I got it for like $8 online.

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