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    I had caught this movie on Chiller about a year ago. I was expecting the typical SyFy Channel garbage, and figured I'd probably wind up turning it off halfway through like usual. Imagine my surprise, it turned out to be a bloody, reasonably intelligent, and extremely fun little genre flick. While it doesn't break any new ground, it's a lot better than you'd probably expect, especially from the generic title and artwork (and even worse DVD retitle here in the US).

    The movie is about two college students (the F13 remake's Travis Van Winkle and John Bregar) who sign up to be guinea pigs for some quick cash. They meet with Dr. Wilcox (Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer), who explains they will have to stay on the facility for two weeks while a new allergy drug is tested on them. The guys move into the facility and meet the other test subjects (including scream queen Mircea Monroe and Hatchet's Tamara Feldman). But the drug starts having some strange side effects, and the patients start to wonder what's really being tested on them.

    One of the big pluses about the film is how likable everyone in the movie is, which is refreshing for a modern horror movie. Even the "villain", played by Tricia Helfer, is very interesting and sympathetic. The two lead guys reminded me a lot of Chris Makepeace and Robert Rusler in Vamp. There's even a scene of them driving around singing, just like in Vamp. One of them winds up being a control (being given a placebo) while the other starts changing, and they're forced to deal with that.

    If you're hoping for blood, gore, scares, and action, you'll have to be patient. Most of that is reserved for the final half-hour of the film. But the movie is never boring, and explores some really interesting ideas with the subject matter. While it may not be the smartest movie ever made, there's a surprising degree of intelligence here that you wouldn't expect in your standard B-movie.

    After the Chiller premiere, MTI ended up releasing it on DVD only last October, redubbed Bloodworx with the terrible artwork below:


    But fortunately, Germany put the film on blu-ray, and since I was already ordering Radio Silence, I went ahead and threw this in the order as well. It was only EUR 6,97 (EUR 5,86 minus VAT), so given that the exchange rate is pretty much even, it was super cheap.

    This one had the "region B" logo on both the case and the disc, but thankfully the disc is region free. The blu-ray looks terrific, a beautiful 2.35:1 transfer that often pops off the screen. I believe it's even a dual-layer disc to accommodate. Despite the back of the case saying the English audio is 5.1, the actual track on the disc is DTS-HD MA 2.0. The only extra is a trailer (German audio only), and trailers for 3 other releases (Exam, The Art Of Love, and True Love, all German audio only).

    Even though everything I've said about the film here is fairly positive, I don't know if I'd recommend a blind buy (unless you can get it for as cheap as I did), just because there seems to be such an aversion to newer genre films. However, I would absolutely recommend a rental or keeping an eye out for it on Chiller (although Chiller blurs out Mircea Monroe's topless scene). It's probably better than you're expecting. If you do decide to buy it, the German blu-ray is a strong presentation and region free. I believe it's the only blu-ray version available, so this is definitely the way to go.




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