Bloody Murder 2, not too bad

Discussion in 'Slashers' started by onebyone, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. onebyone

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    I didn't really like the first one too much, but my slasher loving heart couldn't resist the sequel. To my surprise, it is a lot better. Is it great, no, but who cares? Not me. It has more gore although it could use more and a little bit more fun that the first one, which kind of took itself too seriously. There is this one great scene where the killer cuts this guy's legs off that had me in stitches. :lol:

    As for the T&A review, the only boobs you see aren't that great, but you see tham a lot so you fellas should be happy enough. The lead actress is really pretty, but she keeps her clothes pretty much on. Guess if she lives? :glasses:
  2. Eddie Quist

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    Thanks for the review, OBO... I am still a little leery of this one seeing how much I hated (and I do mean "hated" in every sense of the term) the original... Still, I will probably give this one a rent going by your review. ;)
  3. onebyone

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    Hey, I said it wasn't too bad, not that it was great. Don't watch it thinking it is going to be super and come back and kick my ass or something. It is not Black Christmas, but doesn't suck quite as much as the first.

    But I love love love the leg scene though. It is so funny.

    covering her ass
  4. Eddie Quist

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    Don't worry, my hopes for BLOODY MURDER 2 weren't exactly sky high anyway, but I am a pretty forgiving slasher fan, so I'll check this out.

    The original... Now THAT I couldn't forgive! I just can't forgive boredom. :fire:
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    Hmmmmm..... I dunno. After that horrible cover art for the 1st film this one already leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But I do love slashers so I may have to watch it sometime.
  6. Ravenheart

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    I have Bloody Murder 2 and it wasn't too bad.I didn't mind the first as much as other people but 2 really is better.The one thing I've never understood was the ending and why Trevor did what he did.
  7. Tuzotonic

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    I was hoping part 2 would be decent. I have wanted to rent it but then I realized how god awful the first one was. I felt like clawing my eyes out with a tooth pick half way through the movie, but at least the sequel sounds interesting
  8. Il Corvo

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    Well it's defenitely better than the first one, but of course that's not saying a lot. I just love Tiffany Shepis, that had to play a part too. I guess it's an ok movie when you invited some friends over and want to have a few laughs.

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