BONEHILL ROAD -- New Werewolf Film with Practical FX! (Crowdfund)

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    Have you ever thought, "You know what? There's a serious dearth of homemade horrors with their big, red hearts in the right place. And even more so homemade werewolf flicks, filled with great gore gags and nothing but practical FX." Well, you're in luck, because D.I.Y. legend Todd Sheets is in pre-production on BONEHILL ROAD, his blood-splattered tribute to lycanthropy lore -- and he wants your help! Todd has set up an Indiegogo page to help raise funds for the creation of bigger and better effects -- simply put, the more money he raises, the more werewolves there'll be, the more gore will get splashed, and the more stuff will get wrecked. Perks include everything from DVDs and Blu-Rays, to signed scripts, posters, used props and screen credits. A distribution deal is already in place for the finished film, so even if you don't contribute you'll have a chance to see it, but every penny that gets front-loaded helps make the end result that much better FOR ALL OF US. I've already donated my part -- now it's your turn. Check out the page for more details, and tell 'em Cinema Arcana sent ya'!


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