BREAKING: Scorpion to release Humongous & More on New Line

Discussion in 'Site News' started by rhett, May 12, 2011.

By rhett on May 12, 2011 at 8:00 AM
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    80s horror fans have already had a few nice surprises this year with announcements like SLEDGEHAMMER, but this one takes the cake. Scorpiron Releasing will be debuting the following favorites coming out in September: HUMONGOUS, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, THE CARPENTER, THE DEVIL WITHIN HER, THE HUMAN EXPERIMENTS, THE MARK OF CAIN and NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT. As if that weren't good enough, they're also re-releasing the beloved and hard to find FINAL EXAM, THE INCUBUS and THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW. All nine DVDs will be on a new "Katrina's Nightmare Theatre" line featuring intros and extros by WWE star Katarina Leigh Walters. It's about time we had a new Elvira!

    I'm salivating too much at the thought of finally seeing the Canadian giallo sleeze-classic, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE cleaned up on DVD. I'll just go ahead and quote their official press release:

    Also, here's a sample of the cover art for each disc, staying very true to the original poster art:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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Discussion in 'Site News' started by rhett, May 12, 2011.

    1. CPT HOOK
      CPT HOOK
      I saw a trailer for this on The Incubus, and it's definitely high on my "to-see" list. Looks like fun!
    2. dave13
      Its very cool to see Walter representing Scorpion here. i've blind bought several Katarina's Nightmare Theater DVDs over the last few months, and I've been happy with all of them (especially American Nightmare - damn, that movie was amazing!). I don't know if I plan to upgrade DotA or Grizzly yet. I have them both from Media Blasters, and while Walter is absolutely right about the compromised nature of the DotA transfer(s), the sad fact is that I just don't have the budget to upgrade EVERYTHING that deserves it, especially when companies like Scorpion continue to release wonderful discs of titles that I don't have in any form. For example, I haven't picked up Death Ship on BD yet. Given the choice, I'd almost certainly opt to pick that up rather than DotA, just because I don't yet own Death Ship in any form. However, I'll wait and see just what kind of package Walter and Scorpion are able to put out. I'd certainly LIKE to upgrade it....
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    3. spawningblue
      Welcome Walter, can't wait to pick up your DOTA and Grizzly Blus. I think they are both awesome flicks, and great movies to start your Blu line with. Can't wait to see Leslie Nelson going crazy and wrestling a bear in HD! I still need to grab Death Ship though, never seen it but it looks like the kind of flick I would dig. Also never heard of Dogs, but if it's anything like the other animal flicks you are releasing, consider a copy purchased. Trailer makes it look pretty damn entertaining!
    4. Drinkinstein
      Welcome walter! Loving the Katarina line, I've been picking up pretty much every release whether I've seen the flick or not and so far I've definitely come to trust your taste in flicks. If Scorpion puts it out, chances are I'm gonna dig it so bring on "Dogs"!(which I haven't seen yet)
    5. dave13
      (Quotes included just for context)

      I received Nothing but the Night and The Pyx for christmas, and got around to watching them recently. Nothing but the Night was a little dull, but worth watching for the two leads. Curious about Lee's failed attempt at his own production company, and I definitely understand the comparisons to The Wicker Man. I don't imagine it will be one I watch very often, but I'm glad to have it nonetheless. Cushing and Lee are pure class, regardless of the material.

      The Pyx I just watched last night, and I really enjoyed it. The story was fairly standard - people are right to label it a thiller, but that's ok. they just don't make movies like this anymore, what with the dozens of CSI-clones on tv. but the story wasn't the draw for me. The nonlinear structure was great, and the cinematography and performances by Black and Plummer were very engaging. I loved the style in which it was filmed. For instance, when Plummer and Black's gay friend are walking through Montreal, or when Black and the same friend are being followed by the black car, the camera watches the action through a blur of traffic, frequently obscured for long periods of time by a passing bus or something else, all of which is either muted or completely silent, and the characters seem so distant and alone. its very sombre. Many scenes play out with characters moving slowly from one room to another, saying nothing. It also has a great score, the highlights of which are the songs by Karen Black. I think its three songs in total, and they're incredibly haunting. It really worked for me. It was a great film-watching experience for me, based totally on the atmosphere that was generated, not really the story at all.
      Last edited: Mar 11, 2013
    6. crikan
      ^^Now that I know what I'm getting into, I wouldn't be surprised if I enjoyed THE PYX more the second time around. Hopefully I remember to give it another look in a few years.
    7. dave13
      i hope you do, i think you could find a lot to like, if you're in the mood for that type of thing
    8. Scorpion
      The reason I picked an alternate art was because at the time, Media Blasters DVD with the famous art was still very much available even after their rights have expired, just like GRIZZLY, and didnt want to use the "girl looking out the window" art, but since then, it is disappearing, so what I might do is drop the Kat banner and instead do what you said, a reversible with both arts, like I did with SAVAGE STREETS and currently planning on doing with DARK SIDE OF GENIUS.

      Oh cool, my posts are showing up now (it used to take couple of days)
      Last edited: Apr 12, 2013
    9. dave13
      That's a great idea. Also, actually taking realistic fan suggestions into consideration is very cool. Good job.
    10. zbinks
      Just saw over on

    11. zbinks
      From Facebook:
    12. Katatonia
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    13. zbinks
    14. zbinks
    15. Katatonia
      Whoa, Firepower! Awesome! :) I wonder if it's coming out on Blu-ray, or just DVD?
    16. dickieduvet
      Such a shame that some of these are going to be DVD only, according to Walter the non-genre titles don't sell at all on BD.....

      Well I'd buy 'em :(
    17. ronnie21
      really , who still buys dvds anymore anyway?? really...
    18. dickieduvet
      Not me...Haven't bought one since probably 2008!
    19. crikan
      I buy way more DVDs than Blu-ray. I buy about 60 BDs a year which over the past couple years is the same amount of VHS that I've buying as well.

      For many of these older genre titles I'd rather save a few bucks and get a nice HD transfer on DVD than BD. A top notch transfer on a well authored DVD can look fantastic.
    20. SickNick89
      As a rule I buy Blu Ray when it is an option and DVD when it is not.

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