BREAKING: Scorpion to release Humongous & More on New Line

Discussion in 'Site News' started by rhett, May 12, 2011.

By rhett on May 12, 2011 at 8:00 AM
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    80s horror fans have already had a few nice surprises this year with announcements like SLEDGEHAMMER, but this one takes the cake. Scorpiron Releasing will be debuting the following favorites coming out in September: HUMONGOUS, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, THE CARPENTER, THE DEVIL WITHIN HER, THE HUMAN EXPERIMENTS, THE MARK OF CAIN and NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT. As if that weren't good enough, they're also re-releasing the beloved and hard to find FINAL EXAM, THE INCUBUS and THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW. All nine DVDs will be on a new "Katrina's Nightmare Theatre" line featuring intros and extros by WWE star Katarina Leigh Walters. It's about time we had a new Elvira!

    I'm salivating too much at the thought of finally seeing the Canadian giallo sleeze-classic, AMERICAN NIGHTMARE cleaned up on DVD. I'll just go ahead and quote their official press release:

    Also, here's a sample of the cover art for each disc, staying very true to the original poster art:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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Discussion in 'Site News' started by rhett, May 12, 2011.

    1. satans-sadists
      According to a Ronin Flix post on Facebook, Humongous does indeed come with a slip.

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    2. ronnie21
      Mine shipped.. cant wait to get it.. one reviewer on youtube reviewed his silent scream and was complaining about the slipcover being banged up. hope that doesn't happen in this case..
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    3. fceurich39
      Will probably get it sooner than later
    4. ronnie21
      got it today. quick review. slipcover and artwork is awesome. now review of the blu-ray. the uncut stuff matchs well , but the picture is dark again, for those who had the dvd, the dvd was a lot brighter. I know it was from a Canada video master,, so it was a different source, now the audio has changed.. watch the part where nick point the gun at bert and tells him to back off, the voices in this scene are amplified and theres other option for audio other the commentary, so not sure how HD has improved,, but it defiantly is a tad sharper than previous versions.. the interview with david Wallace is pretty good too..
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    5. fceurich39
      Gonna order mine humongous and don't go in the house on July 1st
    6. ronnie21
      not sure why they messed with the audio, its like they tried to remix it. only really noticeable in that one scene. but it could be more..
    7. russweiss
      My copy also arrived today. Southern California.
    8. Angelman
      Wow, I'm SoCal, too. (Santa Monica). Hopefully this weekend.
    9. ronnie21
      let me know what you all think? when you get yours .. reviews
    10. Katatonia
      I also received Humongous in the mail earlier today, thankfully packed in a large box.
    11. ronnie21
      does anyone think the image is darker again than the dvd??
    12. MorallySound
      I haven't seen the new transfer in person yet as my copy is still in shipment, but from the Mondo Digital review and screen grab comparisons the Blu-ray looks to have more accurate/balanced black levels to what Humoungous should look like. Some caps do look darker than the DVD while others are brighter, but colour and balance/detail overall is more filmic and accurate since it was remastered from 35mm elements (uncut bits obviously remain from the SD source), where as the DVD only appears brighter since it's from an SD master where the black levels (and brightness levels all around) are all more muted/slightly boosted.
    13. Katatonia
      I watched the Humongous Blu-ray last night, and there appears to be an audio problem of some kind. During one scene (in the boat around 20-something + minutes in) it gets extremely"echoey" and has a processed fake sound to it. It's that way in both the Unrated and R-rated cuts. I checked the old Scorpion DVD, and the audio just isn't that way in the slightest. It goes back to normal later on in the I'm not sure what the problem with it is.

      Ronnie was apparently the first one to notice it and posted on the forum, and I didn't even see his post until after I had already watched the Blu-ray, so it apparently isn't just me who experienced the audio problem.
    14. ronnie21
      kata, its definaley a problem, and the review on digital mondo said there were 2 audio options, but theres really only one, the other is the commentary,, so not sure if they will fix this or not. but its really noticeable. I think they tried to remix the sound and something went wrong.. I also can see the picture is darker than the dvd too..
    15. Katatonia
      Yeah ronnie, I'm at a loss to explain what the exact source of the problem is, but it's clearly some kind of problem. It was really noticeable to me also.

      Some of the scenes did look dark, but I haven't really compared them with the old DVD transfer...and it has always been a darker film. There is definitely more overall visible detail in the Blu-ray transfer however.
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    16. ronnie21
      ok, heres the deal, the dvd is from a Canada video master which is a lot brighter but not without its problems. its got a lot of rough edges and its not framed correctly either,, the blu-ray is frame corrected with different colors.. but screwed up audio, mainly in that one section.. However, the blu-ray is darker than the dvd, you can really noticed the brighter scenes on the dvd, where the monster kills the dog while chasing nick in the woods, and when sandy is running upstairs from the monster..
    17. ronnie21
      hold on to your dvds, you should see the silly prices for even used copies on ebay!!!!!!!!!!!!
    18. ronnie21
      Heres some rare photos from a magazine called starburst in 1982

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    19. Zombie Dude
      Zombie Dude
      Haha, no wonder they never showed the monster properly :p Cool find Ronnie!
    20. ronnie21
      its funny, they even said this in the commentary that the make up didn't look right.. but I still think they could have shown him more and still got away without seeing how fake it looked..

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