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  1. This is pretty old news, by now... But I'm a little slow on the Asian film scene. ;)
    Can anyone here speak to the differences between the two discs of The Bride w/ White Hair? Is the new, remastered picture improved substantially enough that it makes it worth the loss of all the extras (commentary, etc)? Does either disc have any dark, horrible secrets I should probably be forewarned about (i.e. visual fogging, deleted footage) before I purchase?
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    As far as i know there is no fogging (that is mainly a Japanese thing). I think the new version has better subtitles (yellow, instead of the barely visible white ones).
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    so, which is the one to buy? How do we identify it?
  4. Well, the second question I can answer... The original, with the commentary, etc. says "special collector's edition" on the top; the remastered version doesn't.
    As for which is the best buy, I'm still not sure... Any opinions, anyone?
  5. I bought the HK import ($5.50) and it looks more than fine. As far as Tai Sengs remaster, I always read the picture was pretty much the same and the only glaring difference was that it had Ronny Yu commentary. Both are decent enough buys.
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    I hate to kill you with all these questions but how are the subtitles on the HK import? are they clear? are they removeable? I need to get this
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    I want to see this movie. Especially since Yu was announced to be directing Freddy vs. Jason. I've seen Bride of Chucky and I've heard good things about this movie. So there is a R1 copy of it out there? I want to pick it up if I can find it.
  8. Yep; I think both discs are r1 or 0, ntsc... I saw the "Collector's edition" with the commentary & extras, but the inferior subtitles) in Barnes & Nobles last night, in fact.
    Still... Anymore details from folk who've seen the remastered disc, as it stands against the other?
  9. Trout

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    The subtitles were redone in yellow so you can at least read them (I think they got rid of some of the "Engrish" translations too) and I think the are removable.

    The film rocks, and if a little love in the story doesn't bother you then you might want to get it (plus it has some cool bloodshed in it too).

    Part 2 isn't half-bad either.
  10. well, if the only difference is the subtitles, f' it; i'm gettin' the special edition.
  11. Trout

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    Go for it. I was quite pleased when I first saw the film.

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