CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST Limited Edition 2 Disc Set

Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by Derrick Howes, Nov 6, 2003.

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    sorry to here that Derrick. My 3 dvds came on tuesday. They were well packed. The slipcase that Cannibal Holocaust comes in is well gory and if customs had opened it then I would have been in the same boat as you.
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    Aug 28, 2002
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    (Canada) customs opened my Guinea Pig packages and they somehow slipped through. I think they just quickly glanced to see if they were dvds so they can charge me taxes on them.

    I was worried about my Cannibal Holocaust order but it too got through a day after Porno Holocaust came in last week.
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    The issue with Eaten Alive and Mountain of the Cannibal God (which these scenes were originally used for) is the scene where the snake eats the monkey. Yes they ate the lizard in the first animal death, however in the case of the monkey, the story is that the crew actually setup the monkey to be swallowed by the snake. To me that's different than native actors killing and eating an animal.

    I am pretty sure that Sergio Martino denies this, we will never know for sure!
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    According to the SLEAZOID EXPRESS book Robert Kernan says that at least one of the animal killings in CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST was done solely for the sake of the camera--the one with the little chipmunk like creature. It bothered Kernan so much that he prayed that the movie would fail, he was so sickened by Deodato's callous attitude.

    It's still a favorite of mine, but I think the animal killings are in a lot of ways the hardest thing to deal with for fans of the subgenre. I don't like them either and usually FF past them.
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    Is this because the animal killings are real, and the human killings are fake? I hope it is. I feel like too many people in the world put animal life before human life. I think there was an awful case down here where a guy threw a woman's dog into traffic and took off. Tons of people poured in the money to catch this guy. He needed to be caught and prosecuted, but the same outpouring of support would have never came if it were a human life. That's what sickens me! Sorry to turn this into a soapbox, and I also realize that the people killed in the cannibal films are usually scumbags, but I wanted to make a point.

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