Channel Zero Anthology Series on Syfy

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    I reviewed a few episodes of the first series called Candle Cove during the Halloween month last year. The second season called The No End House just started last week.

    This is a pretty good little series that Syfy is running and they renewed it for two extra seasons. The next one will be called Staircases and features one of the It Follows actresses. The fourth one will be called Hidden Door.

    Here is my quick review of the first episode of The No End House:

    During the opening I forgot this was called Channel Zero and thought we are going to get yet another mysterious TV channel show like in Candle Cove. And then the setup was slow with the usual teenage stuff. But it gets better and turns into an awesome start for the first episode. I had a feeling where it was going as I couldn't imagine that they would continue with the setup for the whole season. And it has the potential to be really good. By the way, I would have been out of there at the first room.

    This is worth checking out during the October month.

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