"Chi Sei?"

Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by iluvdaria, Jan 8, 2002.

  1. iluvdaria

    iluvdaria Guest

    Does anyone know if this 1974 Juliet Mills film is available anywhere on DVD or if it will be released in the future? Thanks!
  2. pappy

    pappy Guest

    i too am waiting on this it's also known as beyond the door. It's a highly enjoyable exorcist ripoff with a rosemary's baby spin as well. This is a very cool film but i haven't heard of any dvd plans
  3. iluvdaria

    iluvdaria Guest

    I first saw this when it was first released in U.S. theaters in the mid 70's and liked it alot. It actually creeped me out a bit and would love seeing it on DVD. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  4. skinnypuppy6

    skinnypuppy6 Guest

    I would love to see it get released on dvd! I have the old media vhs but I would love to get a nice wide screen transfer of it on dvd:) maybe some one could hint this title to shriek show:) :)

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