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    WAXWORK is owned by Artisian. so is SUNDOWN. NIGHT OF THE CREEPS might now be owned by image,so perhaps we should find out and demnand image do something? they did it for SHORT CIRCUIT, so why not CREEPS?
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    I think Night of the Creeps is owned by HBO. So perhaps we could try to get them to sublicense it to somebody like Image or Pioneer for a nice special edition.
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    holy shit. i honesty can't believe most of you guys didn't like CHUD!? what is happening around here? guys..... it's CHUD!! you know; with daniel stern? are we talking about the same movie? are there two films named CHUD? "hey, is this thing on?"

    i mean, fuck! many of you have nothing but praise for a total piece of shit film like Sleepaway fucking Camp, but you don't think CHUD was that great? CHUD is a kick-ass little movie (which never takes itself too seriously) that far exceeded what i was expecting when i entered the theater.

    now, Waxwork. okay. i'm with you there. another cool flick that rose above expectations.

    sleepaway camp, indeed.

    CHUD Tin Anyone? hee hee.

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