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Discussion in 'General' started by CodeRedDVd, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. CodeRedDVd

    CodeRedDVd Guest

    Hi everyone,

    This is Brad, the Vice President of CodeRed DVD and we strive to give these lost American horror/exploitation films that have been neglected a chance to be on DVD.

    Our President felt there was way too much concentration on Euro Horror, while the U.S slasher and exploitation has been put in the backburner, so he decided to form CodeRed to preserve these films he remembered as a college student in the early 80's, as well as many of his personal favorites like teen comedies and exploitation to action, to the DVD format.

    We have just added the following to our line up, so hopefully, we can try to add more of your favorites.

    SWEET SIXTEEN, 1983 slasher/mystery with Bo Hopkins, Susan Strasberg, Don Stroud, Dana Kimmel and Patrick MacNee. The director Jim Soto's will be working with us on this one.

    HOT MOVES a teen comedy that to me, reminds one of AMERICAN PIE, starring everyones favorite screamqueen Jill Schoelen and Micheal Zorek of PRIVATE SCHOOL.

    THE HAZING (1977), also known as CAMPUS CORPSES, a neat little film about a college hazing gone wrong. Starring Jeff East, Charles Martin Smith and Brad David of CANDY SNATCHERS fame. Directed Doug Curtis, producer of FREDDY VS JASON!

    PETS (1974) considered a exploitation classic, about a runaway girl played by exploitation fav Candice Rialson, who falls under the clutches of men and women alike! Also stars the late Ed Bishop of UFO fame.

    THE ANIMALS (1971), also known as FIVE SAVAGE MEN, a violent lurid American western, starring Henry Silva, this film unofficially "inspired" JESSI'S GIRLS and HANNIE CAULDER. It will be presented in OAR of scope (2:35), with several extras in the works.

    And for those unaware of our other annoucements, they are

    DON'T GO IN THE WOODS, with a new transfer take from the long thought to be lost IP, with 2 seperate commentaries, one from James Bryan and one from Bryan and Deron Miller from CKY. and many more extras!

    LOVE ME DEADLY, with new transfer from the original camera negatives, completely uncut and uncensored!

    THE FOREST with audio commentary from the director.

    FORCED ENTRY with Tanya Roberts/Nancy Allen, in a long unseen director's cut, as well as the theatrical cut.

    DEVIL TIMES FIVE the first official release of this killer kids film.

    REVENGE OF THE BUSHIDO BLADE 1978 revenge film with Leo Fong, Cameron Mitchell, Phillip Baker Hall, will be mastered from the camera negatives.

    and Euro Sex movies from 70's, including SECRET OF THE SWEET SIXTEEN with Christina Lindberg, taken from the English language CRI.

    We are gathering materials for extras as we speak, so hopefully there is something in this list to satisfy everyone here at HorrorDVD!

    We are also trying to arrange a chat session with our founder on the people on this site, so as you can see, we love to hear from the fans! Unlike other labels, we want to listen and make a difference.

    We are working on the DigiBeta transfers for DON'T GO IN THE WOODS, SWEET SIXTEEN, THE FOREST and LOVE ME DEADLY as we speak, and planning on working on THE REDEEMER next, so we will keep everyone posted.

    thanks for all your support and interest.
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  2. onebyone

    onebyone Guest

    Where good DVDs of U.S slasher and exploitation films go, my money is sure to follow. I have wanted a lot of the movies you announced for a long time, so put them out right and my money is yours. I get kind of giddy thinking about some of those.

    And a good DVD of THE REDEEMER would be super sweet. :banana:
  3. I would like to suggest the movies Curtains and Without Warning. WW is a great lost Greydon Clark flick that's never been released on vhs or dvd!
  4. Luna

    Luna Guest

    Excellent news! I'll take Devil Times Five, Sweet Sixteen, The Hazing... oh hell, who am I kidding? I'll take it all, please. :D

    P.S. - Welcome to the forum!
  5. CodeRedDVd

    CodeRedDVd Guest

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  6. walkingdude

    walkingdude Megatron

    Oct 9, 2004
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    Nova Scotia Canada
    Have you looked into Edge of the Axe?My VHS is getting old.
  7. First of all, welcome to the board. It's good to see someone from a DVD company who actually tries to get input from prospective buyers. Secondly I was wondering if you'd checked into maybe getting the rights for Cutting Class or Slaughter High, two of my favorite 80's slashers that no other company seems to care about.
  8. Shame to hear that Sony/MGM controls this one. I think you guys would've done a much better job, as Sony usually has their head up their ass. You guys would do Curtains justice, I think.

    It's great to see that a company cares about the fans. We need more companies out there like you! Although nothing's been released yet, consider me a loyal customer already!
  9. CodeRedDVd

    CodeRedDVd Guest

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  10. Noto

    Noto Guest

    Just a few more to throw out there. I am sure studios own them, but hey - it's worth a shot.

    Highway to Hell
    Night of the Comet
    The Brain
    Consuming Passions
    Frankenstein General Hospital
    Ghost Dance
    My Best Friend Is a Vampire
    Night Angel
    Street Asylum
    Time Guardian
    Zapped! (I know that MGM owns it. Ask them for it nicely)
  11. CodeRedDVd

    CodeRedDVd Guest

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  12. Erick H.

    Erick H. Well-Known Member

    Aug 29, 2004
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    I was wondering if you planned for these releases to be presented with 16/9 enhancement for folks with widescreen sets ? I was also wondering if you might consider releasing SHADOW OF THE HAWK (a seventies drive-in fave) and SAVAGE STREETS(not quite horror,but certainly an 80's exploitation favorite) ?

    Best of luck with the new label !
  13. CodeRedDVd

    CodeRedDVd Guest

    Hi Erick,


    As for 16/9, we will do it only on the 1.85 or 2.35 titles. some of these films, the filmmaker told us they want "fullscreen" as intended to be screen, so they will not be 16/9. LOVE ME DEADLY, DON'T GO IN THE WOODS is fullscreen for that was the original ratio.

    thanks for support and suggestion

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  14. How about the Don Stroud flick Death Weekend? Or these:

    Bad Ronald
    Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
    Don't Open Till Christmas
    Funeral Home
    Blue Monkey(Not sure if Sony owns this one or not)
    Ghost Town(Has Franc Luz in it)
    Madhouse(Directed by Ovidio G. Assonitis)
    The Mutilator
    Prom Night
    Prom Night II
  15. Noto

    Noto Guest

    :lol: It does have that effect on people

    If it helps any, I think I am the only person in the world who knows about Ghost Dance. Fortunately, I have the original VHS tape, which was released by InterGlobal (Canadian) so that might be an issue.

    I have the laser for Time Guardian which was distributed at the time, by Nelson Entertainment.
  16. old-boo-radley

    old-boo-radley They stay the same age...

    Feb 26, 2004
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    Doom Asylum, Massacre at Central High, Toxic Zombies, Bloody Moon, Witchtrap, Blood
    Diner would all be neat titles to look into! Especially Toxic Zombies, dammit, I want that one so much!

    Frankenstein '80 would be great as well, if you ever got into some Euro-horror.
  17. booper71

    booper71 Lord of the Thighs.

    Mar 28, 2002
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    Ohio (Mason)
    Some i haven't seen since the daze of USA Up All Night would be...
    Sorority Girls and the Creature From Hell,
    The Nostril Picker
    Cannibal Campout,
    Eat and Run.
    Surf 2
  18. CodeRedDVd

    CodeRedDVd Guest

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  19. Cujo108

    Cujo108 Guest

    Welcome to the board! I'm really excited about the lineup of films you have, especially The Redeemer and Devil Times Five! Since you want input, how about these?

    Deadly Blessing
    Final Exam
    The Slayer
    The Dark Side of the Moon
    High Desert Kill
    Dogs (aka Slaughter)
    In the Shadow of Kilimanjaro
    The Outing
    Death Warmed Up
    Blood Beach
    The Lift
    House of Death
    Open House
    Fatal Games
    Deadly Games
    Hunter's Blood
    The Clown Murders

    I'd also love to see you gain those rights to Curtains.
  20. CodeRedDVd

    CodeRedDVd Guest


    thanks for the suggestion and support. we really appreciate it. :banana:

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