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Discussion in 'General' started by CodeRedDVd, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. RyanPC

    RyanPC Guest

    You seem to have completely missed my point. Have you ever thought that perhaps, oh I don't know, they could be lying? That maybe they don't have the rights to the films and never did? Just a thought.

    Ahh, well if the directors have verified it, then I suppose there's no need to believe this is a hoax. It would certainly be stupid if it were all a hoax, and it would mean that someone has an awful lot of time on their hands, but it is always possible. Although these directors have said that their films are being released, I'm not going to believe anything until someone has these movies in their hands, and preferably takes a picture to prove it. :)
  2. WesReviews

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    Aug 11, 2001
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    Pikeville, KY
    Was Blue Underground a hoax?

    Or Shriek Show?

    Hey, come to think of it, Media Blasters doesn't even have a working website. Obviously the work of pranksters looking to take advantage of horror fans! Don't let 'em fool you!

    This is the silliest notion I've ever heard. No one would go to this length to create a hoax, and furthermore, I'm shocked that so many of you seem to share this ridiculous conspiracy theory. :eek1:

    It takes time/effort/money to start a new company, especially one in a competitive field like the one Code Red is venturing into, where there are already-established companies like Anchor Bay, Blue Underground, Synapse, Elite, etc. You don't just throw a company together overnight. If Code Red's guys had stayed silent, nobody would've heard about them until their first releases hit shelves. The only reason I think many of you think this is a hoax seems to be because Code Red has been so forthcoming with information. A lot of "talk" so to speak and not enough "walk" for your liking.

    But again, I bring up NoShame. They appeared on horror fans radars almost overnight, releasing a handful of giallo and having another handful of titles in the pipeline for this year. Now, imagine if NoShame had come out to our board (and others) and said "we have this title and this title and this title and this title and we're going to release them next year." Would you guys have doubted them? If this situation is any indication, yes you would've. And the rest of us would've laughed our asses off once their product hit we will once Code Red's stuff becomes available. :)

    And for those who think Code Red supporters are merely "kissing ass", this is nothing compared to the amount of ass-kissing that will take place from all the naysayers when they see that the company is in fact very real. "I'm sorry, Brad! I just didn't know! You guys ROCK!!!1!!!" :lol:
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  3. onebyone

    onebyone Guest

    Don't bet on it. Besides, even if they eventually put out great dvds doesn't mean I should have promised them my first born based just on their posts here.
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  4. chrishicks

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    Nov 9, 2000
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    ok then, so this is all 100% real. my bad. one question then, what was said in all of those edited posts and whats with all the talk about these "lurkers"?

  5. I think it was those pesky gremlins again, messing around with the web site

    [​IMG] :lol:
  6. Golgo13

    Golgo13 Guest

    This post is entrapment.
  7. Cordell

    Cordell New Member

    Oct 21, 2004
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    Czech Republic
    Hi CodeRedDVd!
    I looking for DVD where I want release.
    We some movies a fail in to my collection. I love this movies.
    Please look at movies and tell which can be release.

    01.Scanner Cop II 1995 (Steve Barnett),
    02.The Food of the Gods 1976 (Bert L.Gordon),
    03.The Kindred aka Anthony 1987 (Stephen Carpneter, J.Obrow),
    04.Deep Space 1987 (Fred Olen Ray),
    05.Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker 1992 (Martin Kitrosser),
    06.Twisted Nightmare 1987 (Paul Hunt),
    07.Night Trap 1993 (David A.Prior),
    08.Demonwarp 1988 (Emmett Alston),
    09.American Cyborg: Steel Warrior 1993 (Boaz Davidson),
    10.Fear 1990 (Rockne S.O`Bannon),
    11.Tainted Blood 1993 (Matthew Patrick),
    12.Body of Evidence 1988 (Roy Campanella Il),
    13.Mikey 1992 (Dennis Dimster),
    14.Night School 1981 (Ken Hughes),

    This DVD is available only 4:3 but picture haven`t no much better of the quality.
    I want better 16:9 and english sound.
    01.Scanner Cop 1994 (Pierre David),
    02.Curse II The Bite 1988 (Frederico Prosperi),
    03.The Mutilator 1985 (Buddy Cooper),
    04.Intensive Care 1991 (Doma Van Rouveroy), -only Dutch
    05.Gnaw:Food of the Gods II 1989 (Damian Lee),
    06.Demon Wind 1990 (Charles Philip Moore),
    07.The Terror Witchin 1989 (Thierry Notz),
    08.The Terror Witchin II 1990 (Andrew Stevens), -only German sound
    09.Anthropophagus II 1981 (Joe D`Amato), -only German
    10.Howling 4: The Original Nightmare 1988 (John Hough),
    11.Undefeatable 1994 (Godfrey Ho),
    12.Dark Universe 1993 (Steve Latshaw),
    13.The Borrower 1991 (John McNaughton)
    14.Split Second 1992 (Tony Maylam,Ian Sharp),
    15.Nightmare Beach 1988 (Umberto Lenzi), -Italian have 16:9 but no english.
    16:Creature 1985 (William Malone),
  8. old-boo-radley

    old-boo-radley They stay the same age...

    Feb 26, 2004
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    Interesting to note, CodeRed first showed up on (to my knowledge) and not here. I'm sure George Reis got some sort of info before he put it on his page.

    Of course, anything may be a hoax, but he's given me no reason to think it is. Sure he breaks "rules" that corporations or larger companies abide by, but he isn't a corporation, just a guy trying to release some movies. Go to any mom & pop video store. They'll beat you with a broom if you fuck with their flicks, none of this collection agency shit others pull. ;)

    And, Chris, it seems as though a lot of posts have been edited that contained info as to what studios own the rights to certain movies. "Lurkers" are apparantly DVD companies/people ripping off his info and trying to get rights. I think. This seems to be where people started hating on him from here. Which is also probably why he's not posting much these days.
  9. Franco

    Franco Weekender

    Dec 16, 2004
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    Facts, not words. ;)
  10. Luna

    Luna Guest

    I don't think anyone here is "hating" on them. My question is, if Code Red are not putting out any of the movies they banana-ed out and mentioned as being too expensive, the mob owning them, the rights owners dying, etc... what does it matter that "lurkers" would be interested in them? That is what I don't get. Maybe I am missing something though. I would think that it'd be a good thing for us in general as horror fans to have more options as to what movies might be put out. Also, if a small company like Code Red has that info, what's to say the larger companies don't know as well? Maybe they already know this but just aren't interested in some of those releases because they won't sell as well as another slightly less niche movie?
  11. Right on again! Besides, just because a company says "We're gonna release this title and that title" and "This extra is going on here, and we're working with the director......" DOES NOT mean that they're something to get all excited about.
  12. betterdan

    betterdan Guest

    I thought you didn't kiss ass Video Violence. How does 1x1's taste? ;)

    Look no one is saying you have to believe everything the man says and get all excited but damn at least don't be an ass to him. Just like he said they don't have to prove shit to us. If we like their dvds we will buy them if not we won't. He has been pretty damn good I think answering questions, giving us a chat etc. What in the world makes you think he is scamming us?
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  13. When did Code Red mention the mob? hahaha, man this is getting too funny now. What the hell?

    "I'm gonna make the director of DON'T GO IN THE WOODS an offer he can't refuse..."

  14. betterdan

    betterdan Guest

    They did mention the mob were mixed up in or had something to do with some title. I don't remember which one it was.
  15. onebyone

    onebyone Guest

    Back the fuck off. Please. :)

    And I believe it is Final Exam that is apparently owned by the mob so they can't get that movie, and Screams of a Winter Night is owned by a guy in prison who will anyone if they bootleg it. There was also some story about a mean distributor in LA we are still trying to put together.
  16. mutleyhyde

    mutleyhyde Fuck it.

    Dec 3, 1999
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    All you people just chill, damnit.

    I still haven't had a chance to read through this whole mess yet, but seeing as how CodeRed has all but abandoned this thread, and as how it's just devolved into a snipe fest, I'm closing it.

    Now y'all go play nice in the other threads.
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