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    Thirty nine submissions and three hundred and thirty two votes later, you have all decided on our Halloween contest winners. It was a tight race, with several selections running neck and neck throughout, but in the end it was between George W. and OJ. Bush held the lead throughout, but OJ was within a single vote for much of the polling. There was a similar tight battle between pictures of The Last Supper and The Brady Bunch, who knew both would ever cross paths? You've all voted though, and without further suspense here are the results...

    First Place: LJMurder's "George W. Bush"


    Second Place: kissrme's "O.J. Simpson"


    Third Place: scaryguy88's "Nighthawks"


    Fourth & Fifth Place: GoryDory's "The Brady Bunch" & Wolf Man's "The Last Supper"



    Thanks to all who played and participated! Look for more contests in the near future. Winners will be contacted by myself shortly through PM.

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    Congrats all :)
  3. onebyone

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    Congrats to all, because all of those were great. Special thanks go to LJMurder, because his "George W. Bush" cracks me up every time I see it. Thanks for that; I love a good laugh.
  4. Luna

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    Congratulations, guys! :banana:
  5. thrashard76

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    Good work to all those who contributed and to those who were finalists. Congrats.
  6. Congratulations all

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