Countess Dracula on Showtime - August 1st

Discussion in 'Classic' started by jae, Jul 27, 2001.

  1. jae

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    Wednesday August 1st 7:35am - check your local times since I don't know what time zone you're in. :)

    Also Island of Terror directed by Terence Fisher with Peter Cushing is coming on AMC on August 19th.

    Hasn't been a very good few months for me and cable.. AMC shows all those Lugosi/Karloff movies I haven't seen when I didn't get them, and now that I have AMC, nothing. But there are a few good ones this month.
  2. jae

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    Did everyone tape Countess Dracula this morning?? It was taping as I went to work today. Plan on watching it tonight. :)
  3. carl.kolchak

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    I would have definitely checked this movie out, but no Showtime. Did anyone catch it? I've heard it's very different from what the title suggests. With Ingrid, Lesley-Anne Down and Peter Jeffrey (Inspector Trout from Dr. Phibes) I'd bet it's entertaining. :) Also, does Nike Arrighi, who was good in The Devil Rides Out, have a good part?
  4. jae

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    Well if you're expecting a run of the mill Hammer vampire movie from the title, yeah its alot different. Its based on the Countess Bathory story (woman who killed something like 600 girls and bathed in their blood to stay young). The movie strays pretty far from the real story though (I'm reading a book about it). Good movie though, I thought the sets were better than any other Hammer I've seen..

  5. carl.kolchak

    carl.kolchak Guest

    Thanks for the info :cool:. I checked Showtime and it's coming up again on 8/16 at 9:05 AM CST, I will find a way to catch it this time! :)
  6. Yowie

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    Jun 25, 2001
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    Very good Hammer movie, good atmosphere. I heard Ingrid Pitt was dubbed by another actress. If so, they did a good job on it because I didn' t notice at all. Apparently Pitt feels there's not enough bloodshed in the movie, but I think it's just right. Too much blood would've worked against the fine atmosphere it has. Sad about Nigel Green who died shortly after the film was made.

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