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    [​IMG] Reviewer: Dave
    Review Date: October 22, 1999

    Released by: Warner Brothers
    Release date: 10/26/1999
    MSRP: $9.97
    Region 1, NTSC
    Widescreen 1.85:1 | 16x9: Yes

    Writer Stephen King, director George Romero and special effects maestro Tom Savini team up to bring us Creepshow!

    The Story

    The film opens with a young boy being scolded by his father for reading "trashy" comic books. The boy is punished and sent to bed. The comic book is thrown in the outside trash. While in bed the boy sees a ghoul appear at his window motioning him to follow. The boy smiles back at the ghoul as he is a friendly face from the "trashy" comic books taken from him. The ghoul leads us down onto the street where comic book lay. From here the stories begin.

    The first story is titled "Father's Day". It opens at a mansion where a family is gathering. The family is waiting for Aunt Bedelia (Viveca Lindfors) to show up. Aunt Bedelia murdered her father several years back on Father's day because he continuously screamed, "Where's my cake you stupid bitch?", while Bedelia worked strenuously in the kitchen
    to try and finish the cake. Finally Bedelia could not longer take the mental abuse of her father and hit him over the head with a marble ashtray, killing him. Every fathers day Bedelia visits her father's grave to meditate and relieve some of the guilt that overwhelms her. This year Bedelia gets a special treat as her father rises from the grave asking, "Where's my cake?"

    The second story is titled, "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verill". A slightly retarded gas station owner by the name of Jordy Verill (Stephen King) witnesses a meteor crash. He begins to fantasize about making hundreds of dollars off the meteor by selling it to the local college. After touching the meteor Jordy's hand starts to bubble and vegetation begins to grow on him and everything he touches.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The third story is titled, "Something to Tide You Over". Richard Vickers (Leslie Nielsen) has discovered his wife, Becky Vickers (Gaylen Ross), has been cheating on him with Harry Wentworth (Ted Danson). Richard goes to Harry and plays a tape of Becky screaming for Harry's help. Richard forces Harry to follow him down to the ocean if he wishes to see Becky again. Once at the beach Harry's is forced to bury himself in the sand with only his head protruding. Richard shows Harry a TV which displays Becky also buried in the sand with only her head protruding. Harry and Becky are left buried in the sand to drown from the incoming tide. Little does Richard know that Harry and Becky will be rising from their watery graves to seek revenge.

    The fourth story is titled, "Something to Tide You Over". A janitor finds a crate dated from the 1800's hidden underneath a flight of stairs at a lab. The janitor reports the finding to his boss, Charlie Gereson (Robert Harper), and they open the crate. A monster emerges from the crate and kills the janitor. Horrified at what has happened Charlie goes to his best friend, Henry Northrup (Hal Holbrook) and tells him the entire story. Henry sees this as his change to rid himself of his bitchy wife Wilma (Adrienne Barbeau). Henry drugs his friend to put him to sleep and makes his way to the lab, leaving a note behind telling his wife to meet him at the lab.

    The fifth and final story is titled, "Creeping Up". Upson Pratt (E.G. Marshall) hates bugs. He hates bugs and germs so much he lives in a "germ free" apartment. His apartment begins to become infested with cockroaches. Outraged and what is happening he begins contacting the necessary people to rid him of these cockroaches. Soon the power goes out and the cockroaches begin entering his apartment in large amounts. Upson makes one final attempt to escape the incoming cockroaches by locking himself in a "cockroach free" room. Unfortunately for Upson, the cockroaches invade his locked room and begin their invasion.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The film ends with the young boy who was reprimanded during the prologue executing revenge on his father by using a voodoo doll to torture his father. We even get to see a cameo by Tom Savini who plays Garbage Man #2

    Great movie. No surprise given who's involved: George Romero, Stephen King, and Tom Savini. Great stories, great directing and great special effects. I think my favorite story was "Something To Tide You Over". I was a nice love revenge story. It was also great seeing Stephen King play a slightly retarded gas station attendant who has vegetation growing off his body. I thought King was a convincing actor.

    If you haven't seen this movie get with the program and go rent it now!

    Image Quality

    Creepshow is presented in its original theatrical ratio of 1.85:1; it is anamorphically enhanced for 16x9 tvs. The colors were well balanced and blacks were solid throughout most of the film. I did notice a little grain appear during some of the night scenes in " The Crate". Every story had some minor speckling and scratches, except for "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verill" where I saw no scratches. Obviously this transfer has been remastered and it shows for the most part. The scratches and speckling that do appear are few and far between.


    Creepshow is presented in Dolby Surround 2.0 sound. It was rumored at one point this would get a Dolby Digital 5.1 remix but that didn't end up happening. The sound is crisp and clear throughout the film. Rear speakers were slightly used during the film but the majority of sound came from the front speakers.

    Supplemental Material

    inline Image Just a theatrical trailer. Another Stephen King movie, so I'm again going to have to say that I wish there had been a Stephen King commentary.

    Final Thoughts

    Great movie with great stories. Warner Brothers did a good job on this one considering it's not one of their blockbuster titles. This one is a recommended purchase for all horror fans. There's bound to be at least one story that feeds your needs.


    Movie - B+
    Image Quality - B+
    Sound - B+
    Supplements - C

    Technical Info.
    • Color
    • Running time - 2 hours
    • Rated R
    • 1 Disc
    • Chapter stops
    • 41 Chapter Stops
    • Dolby Digital 2.0
    • Theatrical Trailer
    Other Pictures


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