Deadman Inferno (2015)

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    Tired of zombie movies? Tired of horror comedies? Then you'll probably wanna skip this one, 'cause here is another zombie comedy movie.

    It was the final film shown at the recently completed San Diego Asian Film Festival (although this was an encore screening; it premiered on the fest's third day). I don't know how I would have felt if this was a horror festival (SDAFF is more known for dramas, coming-of-age-films, documentaries, etc), but this and the American film Crush the Skull were the only selections that could be considered horror. It's a lot of fun, especially if there's a big crowd.

    General plot is a motley cast of characters (Yakuza gang, their former rivals who've now gone "legit", two runaway schoolgirls with top notch martial arts skills, a horny doctor, an inept cop, and a reggae-loving fisherman) are on an island where a drug dealer has initiated a zombie outbreak. Everyone is aware of zombie films, so they openly try out the things they've seen in movies ("wait, are these the running kind, or the walking kind?). Lots of violence, lots of laughs, never boring. The different groups are set up in the beginning, until they all band together (except for the feuding Yakuzas) against the zombies. There's one hilarious bit where they've contacted the mainland police, and are trying to describe the chaos and carnage without using the word "zombie" for fear that they'll be dismissed as pranksters.
    They all fail

    Looks like it was released in Japan in May, is currently making the festival circuit. Guessing it will be on DVD/Blu sometime next year. Again, if you're tired of the genre, this doesn't exactly breathe new life into it or offer anything different, but if you still dig zombie films, check it out.

    Here's a trailer:

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