Deadpool 2 (2018) non-spoiler Review

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    Deadpool 2 (2018, David Leitch)

    After the success of the first Deadpool after Fox gambled on an R rated super hero film with a lower budget in the X-universe, they have come back with another hard R rated chapter with only a slightly bigger budget. We see some old faces and some new characters with even some surprises.

    The film is well made and has amazing action and combat sequences that put the last couple of films in the MCU to shame.. take note Disney/Marvel... this is how you shoot combat. The film is also hilarious, for the most part matching the laugh hit-rate and almost the unexpected heart that the first film had. It is however a bloodier affair and that works well in this setting.

    I was worried that the change of director might negatively impact the film but it was a smooth transition to the new blood and this is most certainly the best superhero film of the year thus far and will be hard to beat.


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