Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde

Discussion in 'Classic' started by Behemoth, Jan 14, 2002.

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    Is this played straight, or is it tongue-in-cheek-y? And is it good? Gory? Scary? I found it cheap at www.dvdsoon.com but thought I'd check with you guys before ordering it.

    They also had Lust for a Vampire fairly cheap; both cost around US$ 14. Is L.f.a.V. any good?
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    Hi, Behemoth.

    DOCTOR JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE is definitely tongue-in-cheek. It was written and co-produced by Brian Clemens, who was heavily involved in the legendary British TV series "The Avengers". Besides some quite good comedy, there's an enticing shot of a topless Martine Beswick, the delectable star of the camp classic SLAVE GIRLS / PREHISTORIC WOMEN.

    LUST FOR A VAMPIRE is a lame sequel to the moderately better THE VAMPIRE LOVERS. It's humour is mainly unintentional (such as an excruciatingly bad love song), but again there's some nudity.
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    I personally thought DJ&SH was a little more serious than that, but then, I take everything pretty serious. Ralph Bates is terrific as Jekyll, and Beswick, well, she just smokes. The only problem I have with the film is, as great as Ralphs performance of Jekyll is, I wish they would have fleshed out Beswick's Hyde a little more than just relegating her to a pretty flat (character-wise ;) ) portrayal of a stalker/killer. I think this could have been a true Hammer classic, a real power-house for them, had they more deeply developed the relationship between Jekyll and Hyde, and the effects it had on each's personality. As it is, Beswick really just plays a female Jack the Ripper, with neither motive nor reflection explored.

    I highly recommend DJ&SH, as it has great set and costume design, is well filmed in regard to camera work, and I found the acting and script to be very good. If only the character development had been more developed, I would have no reservations whatsoever. I suppose it could be viewed as camp, but I think it can definitely be taken as straightforward horror right alongside the camp. A very good mix.

    As for Lust for a Vampire? Luscious Lipstick Lesbian Lamias! Oh yeah, this rocks, verily. :D Who cares about acting in this one? Not me. It's pure eye-candy. Get it while it's hot! :D
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    I've always been partial to gratuitous nudity! :D Thanks for your help, you guys!

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