"Dressed To Kill" != "Psycho"

Discussion in 'Slashers' started by Joel Groce, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. blairmonster

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    DePalma is usually "love him" or "hate him". I'm definitely in the "love him" catagorey and have so far loved every movie of his that I've seen.

    Pick up the "Dressed To Kill" DVD, KillerCannabis. Great transfer and awesome sound...not to mention a kick ass movie!

    Still, my favorite DePalma film still has to be "Phantom of the Paradise". I grew up watching this weird and wonderful film, with my parents introducing it to me at a young age. Gerrit Graham as Beef...what a riot!!

    "I know `drug real' from `REAL real'!"

    All you fans of "Rules of Attraction"...look fast for Swan (Paul Williams) as the cheeky doctor at the hospital. Good cameo.

    Btw...I guess I'm the only one who thought "Mission to Mars" was awesome. Any one else share this opinion? Or shall I stand here and be berated? :)
  2. RyanPC

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    I didn't see Mission To Mars, but heard it wasn't very good.

    I LOVE PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE! I want to pick up the DVD sometime! :)
  3. maringo

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    I wouldn't say it was awesome, but it was OK. De Palma's new film "Femme Fatale" is far better.
  4. RyanPC

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    Femme Fatale is one I haven't seen but I really want to... what's it about? Is it anything like his older classics?
  5. Andrew

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    I can't say that I love DePalma all that much. I liked DRESSED TO KILL a fair amount though, it had its moments. MISSION TO MARS was okay.
  6. maringo

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    Yes and no. The film starts off with a stylishly directed jewel robbery reminiscent of the robbery in Mission Impossible, there's also a brief Dressed to Kill reference in there too. The rest of the film follows one of the robbers who is on the run and there are quite a few plot similarities to his earlier films such as Blow Out and Body Double. Yet overall the film is more unusual and surreal than most of his films, I can't really say anymore without spoiling the film for you.

    In my opinion it's his best film since Carlito's Way.
  7. RyanPC

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    Wonderful! I'll have to rent it! Woohoo, way to go Brian! :banana:
  8. blairmonster

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    Just saw Femme Fatale earlier today. Very good film! A lot more subtle than usual DePalma, but with a lot of references to past films. The "Dressed to Kill" homage was nice! I agree with you maringo, his best in a while, and other than that, not much else can be said. This movie has to be seen to be believed!

    Plus, the lesbian scene at the first was the bomb! :sperm:
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    They have two dressed to kills on DDD, are they both the same one? they seem identical.

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