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Discussion in 'General' started by mutleyhyde, Dec 13, 2000.

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    If it's a movie I like then I'm going to buy it if it's on DVD. Extras, as someone said, are icing on the cake. What irks me is when something like Escape From New York comes out on DVD without the LD extras. Image would've licensed them, but MGM didn't agree to the amount. We're not talking Princess Bride here where the extras are owned by Criterion who refuses to license supplements.

    Anyway, it seems that most of my laserdisc collection isn't going anywhere, if not for extras alone. Who else owns:

    Halloween SE LD + SE DVD
    Escape From New York SE LD + DVD
    Princess Bride SE LD + DVD

    etc etc

    But if something like The Beyond comes out with on extras (though that one did have extras), I'd buy it either way because I enjoy the movie and the DVD is a high quality presentation.

    Deep Red - no problem, I own it. Extras are nice but I'll take high a/v quality first.

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    Same here. I don't want no John Ritter movie in my DVD collection (rule excludes Stay Tuned). [​IMG]

    But at the looks of it, I'll wait for when the film is released on it's own in it's pure unrated gore fest fun.

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    How many of y'all who watched/avoided watching Three's Company growing up or whatever ever thought we'd be discussing John Ritter on a *horror* forum? [​IMG]
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    MovieFan: What about "Bride of Chucky"? [​IMG] I also have "Stay Tuned", and I'm not overly enthusiastic about having to get "Terror Tract" with "Cherry Falls", but the single review of the film on the IMDb is positive. Looks like a horror anthology, which sounds fun.

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  5. Django

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    Hey Dave, on your cue I went back into my LD collection to see which ones have yet to be replaced by superior DVDs.

    And for the sake of argument, here ya go not counting those damn Star Wars discs...

    - Elite's deluxe Elm Street 1 set
    - Japanese LD of Sam Raimi's The XYZ Murders aka Crimewave
    - The Fog: Special Edition
    - Elite's Dawn of the Dead CAV box
    - Universal's Flash Gordon (has a trailer)
    - Intruder (shitty Paramount cut edition)
    - TRON CAV boxed set
    - E.T. CAV boxed set
    - Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3
    - Strange Brew
    - Cemetery Man
    - Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

    Sure, I'm leaving a lot out that I was never motivated to buy because $40-$150 bucks is a lot to throw away on a movie I kinda like. And as you may know, I never got the EFNY LD.

    Now from the above mentioned titles, most aren't currently available but will someday most likely be. And only 4 (Elm St, TRON, Dawn, and Flash) are out in lesser versions.

    Only one of those truly pisses me off though...
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    I really wasn't going to say anything else here, but I think I've been misunderstood. I don't buy all my movies based on extras alone. It's just with The Fly that I've seen it so many times that the only thing I'd be interested in here is some new information. Quite a few of my movies don't have any extras at all (or just a trailer) and I'm quite happy with them. I've said here before that I own Deep Red because it's uncut and the transfer is so gorgeous. Anyway, I don't like that I seemed to be misconstrued as "not a real fan," because that's completely wrong.
  7. Jeremy

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    I do have one point to make as far as the LD/missing extras argument goes. I for one never got into laserdisc; had I been born 3-4 years earlier, I probably would have, but by the time I was really old enough to get a lot of disposable income, DVD was already on the scene.

    A lot of people criticize the lack of LD extras on the DVD releases, and I can certainly understand that. But I think you should also take into account that there are a lot of people who didn't have laserdisc, and that the DVDs, even the ones without all the supplements, are usually a huge step up for them from that medium. The DVDs of Escape from New York, Halloween, etc, are all much better than their VHS counterparts.
  8. Django

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    Bingo and to back you up I will offer this.

    The infamous Criterion Halloween SE not only cost over a hundred bucks when it came out, but only offered the television scenes at the end of each side which ment you had to program your player to stick them into the movie. The downside was there was a second or two black pause as it skipped tracks.

    As far as extras go, you got the trailer, a brief snippet of an old Siskel and Ebert Sneak Previews where they defended their stance on the film, and the commentary which believe me, wasn't all that great. In fact, Carpenter sleepwalked thru most of it and Jamie Lee Curtis mainly cracked wise which left Debra Hill to pick up the slack.

    Only at the end did Carpenter wake up and begin talking about his theme of surviving the night.

    While a lot shorter, the documentary on the LE DVD is a hell of a lot more informative.

    As for Escape, the only extras we're missing are a 20 minute or so interview with Carpenter and the Russell/Carpenter commentary which yes is cool but not on par with their track to The Thing.

    The Fog is even worse with Carpenter and Hill mainly narrating the on screen action, although we do learn that he named the pirate's ship after an old girlfriend and that his character at the beginning of the film is the deadbeat husband of Stevie Wayne. The other extras are the isolated score which is on CD, the trailer, some TV ads, and a montage of outtakes.

    Out of all of the LDs in question, The Howling is the coolest and the one we're missing out on...
  9. Jasondog

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    Actually i really enjoyed the LD for Halloween. I thought the commentary is quite good, but i agree that Jamie Lee was doing most of the talking. It does sound a bit disjointed because i believe they recorded their commentaries seperately.

    Still if you can find it it's worth it. I paid $17.99 for mine
  10. Django

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    See, $17.99 for the Criterion LD is most definately worth it.

    A hundred or so, that's something else...
  11. MovieFan

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    I thought John Ritter's cameo (or whatever, he died pretty fast) ruined the whole film for me. [​IMG] I just didn't like "Bride of Chucky" and that's why it's not in my DVD Collection (but I do love the previous three "Child's Play" films).

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