Ed Wood (R2)

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    A co-worker of mine told me once that Ed Wood was the worst movie he has ever seen. When I asked him what's so bad about Ed Wood he said: everything.
    oh the irony ... I tried explaining "the point" of Ed Wood but he looked at me like I was speaking some strange unknown alien language.
    I even lent him my VHS copy of Plan 9 From Outer Space to make my point a bit clearer but after giving it back he said Ed Wood is now officially the second worst movie he's ever seen :rolleyes:

    Fuck it. What the hell does my moronic colleague know anyway :fuck:

    Short synopsis: Ed Wood tells the true story of Edward D. Wood, jr. (Johnny Depp) - a man with a few passions: filmmaking and angora sweaters.
    Surrounded by a crew of whacky but sympathetic "outcasts" always struggling to finance and making their next flick - and not (yet) realizing they were responsible in producing some of the lamest sci-fi/horror films in motion picture history ever ...

    "Pull The Strings!"

    Ignored in theaters but Tim Burton's homage is a brilliant movie if there ever was one!
    Superb acted and quite entertaining. Tragic and sometimes very funny. Bill Murray made me chuckle and Martin Landau is simply amazing playing the morphine-addicted Bela Lugosi.
    The always reliable Johnny Depp delivers the goods and I'll be damned if Lisa Marie as "Vampira" wasn't a sight for sore eyes :D


    Touchstone released this DVD in Germany (R2/PAL) as a packed Special Edition:

    Video - 1.85:1 (16:9)

    Very clean and nice looking transfer. No bitching here.

    Audio - Dolby Digital 5.1 (English)

    Does the job but don't expect anything earth-shaking.

    Extras - Plenty! All supplements are in English language.

    Audio Commentary - by Martin Landau, Tim Burton and a few others. Martin Landau does his best Lugosi introducing the other guys on the commentary track. This audio commentary isn't really screen-specific though. Seems like they included lots of interviews. Landau talks a great deal about his part and Burton about the making of and his passion for b-movies in general.

    Making Of Ed Wood - Interesting behind-the-scenes featurette filmed mostly in b&w.

    Men In Women's Clothing - Facts and Interviews with real life transsexuals and cross-dresser.

    Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi - Yup, Landau speaks about his Oscar winning performance.

    Set Design - More behind-the-scenes stuff.

    Music Of Ed Wood - Howard Shore talks about scoring Ed Wood.

    Theatrical Trailer

    Music Video - Very groovy music clip (Ed Wood Theme) with a sexy Vampira lookalike shaking her thang.

    Not sure if that R1 SE will ever happen - but if ya can't wait: put on that pink angora sweater and get this neat R2 disc right away!
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    **gulp** I didn't know this was out on dvd. I love this movie. A lot. What a good tip. Thanks. :banana:
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    Bunny ROCKS!! :D
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    Better check it out soon

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