Expectations and Predictions Part 2

Discussion in 'General' started by David666, Jan 3, 2001.

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    Dagon will suck, the director has never been able to Pull of Lovecraft with any kind of flair or respect. The closest thing to true Lovecraft horror we will ever see on screen has come from Carpenter, The Thing and In The Mouth Of Madness. Dagon won't even come close.

    House of 1000 Corpses will not do as well as hoped by many of us. I think it will be a mixed bag. Critics will trash it and only gore hounds will see it.

    Last Summer 3 and Scream 4 will not get made after the disappointing boxoffice of Urban Legends 2... at least not in 2001.

    Blair Witch 3 will do considerably more business then part 2. It will also be a much better film.

    Jason X will bomb, and sadly we will have to wait another decade for Jason vs Freddy.

    There will be more "What Lies Beneath" type of horror films, with big stars, big directors, big boxoffice but no originality!

    David Cronenberg is doing Basic Instinct 2 only to get a budget for something he actually wants to do. I predict that Basic Instinct 2 will be yet another Sharon Stone dud. She'll have to spred her asscheeks instead of her legs to get anykind of reaction for this one.

    Ghosts on Mars will do about the same boxoffice as In the Mouth of Madness and Village of the Damned.

    Wes Craven's Fountain Society will generate as much enthusiasm as Music of the Heart.

    The Craft 2 will sadly not get made.

    Kevin Costner and Sylvester Stallone are already doing horror films in order to cash in on their popularity; you can count on many other washouts to do the same. Lets hope and prey that they are better then Arnold's End of Days.

    Children of the COrn 8 will go into production.

    Crow 5 will go into production.

    Scary Movie will have at least two direct-to-video sequels.

    Hellraiser 6 will blow just as bad as Inferno. Similarly, Wishmaster 3 and 4, Candyman 4 and 5 will also suck.

    Exorcist: Dominion will not be as bad as everyone thinks... however, it will not do well at the boxoffice.
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    Sam Raimi's Spiderman will suck.

    Will Smith's remake of Play Misty for Me will be his biggest boxoffice failure.

    Hannibal will overpower Valentine at the boxoffice.

    Scary Movie 2 will not do as well as its predesessor.

    Elvira's Haunted Hills will ROCK!

    Halloween 8 will end the series. Yeah, right.

    Beyond Re-Animator, Cube 2, Hitcher 2, Mad Max 4, Spawn 2, Stir of Echoes 2 will not be made.

    The Devil's Backbone will shock the shit out of people, cause quite a stir and be a boxoffice hit.

    Queen of the Damned will blow Interview out of the water!


    Mimic 2, Lost Girls, Brotherhood of the Wolf, Hungry Like The Wolf, Ginger Snaps, Hunter of the Dark, 13 Ghosts, Attic Expeditions, House on Haunted Hill 2 will all be good films.

    Gravedancers, Practical Demonkeeping and Blood and Chocolate will get made.

    That I'm wrong about Jason x and House of 1000 Corpses and they will be boxoffice hits.

    That Valentine will be a successful film.

    That Buffy feature will get made.

    That the long rumored Clive Barker films get made!




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    Whoa there.. I really need to read more about upcoming horror.. I had no idea they were doing Queen of the Damned and Elvira's Haunted Hills. I thought the first Elvira movie was godawful but look forward to seeing EHH since I doubt it can be any worse. Cool.
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    Unless something wrong happens, "Dagon" will have it's 1st worldwide showing at a portuguese (I live in Portugal...) film festival, "Fantasporto".

    I have some hopes that this will be a decent "flick"; I prefer Stuart Gordon movies to BWP & IKWYDLS anyday...

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    Jason X will do moderately well at the box office, easily making back its budget and putting some money in the bank for New Line.

    House of 1000 Corpses will kick ass.

    Elite will starting putting out more special editions again.

    Anchor Bay will continue to kick ass.

    Django will buy the Bad Taste tin. ;p


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