Frankenstein Created Woman DVD - do yours still work?

Discussion in 'Classic' started by hatetank, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. hatetank

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    Yesterday I wanted to watch Frankenstein Created Woman. So I took my Anchor Bay DVD, put it in the player .... and nothing happened! After 1 1/2 years the disc is dead as dead can be although just 5 months ago it worked perfectly ! Then I read a review on which warned of this DVD since 9 out of 10 of the original pressing seem to have fallen victim to some chemical process which leaves the disc unplayable after some time! Has anyone here had the same experience? Do your discs still work?
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    I've posted about this many times before, but when I first bought this DVD my copy was all messed up, so I had it replaced; this was approx. 3-4 months ago. My new copy was fine, but I quess I'll have to watch it again in a couple of months to check it. I'm really furious at Anchor Bay about this whole situation, since I don't know any stores that will replace a DVD more than a year after the purchase, and Anchor Bay won't issue replacement discs to people abroad (I live in Norway). I've also had problems with Heathers and The Witches. I'm just waiting for the day when my copy of Rasputin, as well as Suspiria, Opera, and the other Argento DVDs stop working.
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    My FCW did the same thing, played at first then died after about about a year. AB replaced it through

    the entire process took about 2 months and I did have to pay return shipping, which kind of sucked. After the hassle with FCW I weeded out 5 of my old Hammer AB DVDs, Vengeance of She, Prehistoric Women, Satanic Rites, The Viking Queen and Lost Continent for $5 a pop at a cd/dvd store, didn't want to chance the aggravation again.
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    I know that certain older AB titles have suffered this problem - but has it all been sorted out now? I mean, are new AB DVDs pressed correctly now?
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    I hope so, because I've bought quite a lot of AB DVDs....
    But honestly I think that after the mess-up with Opera and some other titles they'd be stupid if they hadn't sorted out the problems at the manufacturing plant. After all, the replacements will cost them a lot of money, not to mention the damage that's been done to their reputation as an excellent DVD company. It wouldn't make much sense to put such effort in creating discs like Suspiria with all the extras, the DTS remix, the stunning widescreen transfers and then selling it on discs that disintegrate after a year and have to be replaced by AB.
  6. Frankenstein created Woman

    I have watched the DVD for the 5th time in 2 years and it still works perfectly.


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    I've known I needed to send mine in for a while now. There are several Hammer dvds that are problematic. Do a search and you should find a comprehensive faulty Hammer discs thread here somewhere.

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