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Discussion in 'Classic' started by Behemoth, Feb 19, 2002.

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    I got my copy of this Anchor Bay DVD from DV-Depot early last week, but haven't had the time to watch it until tonight. It plays perfectly up to around 56-57 minutes - from there the picture contantly freezes for a second or two at a time. I've only watched until around 1 h 3 mins, so it may get better later on again (although I doubt it), but this totally destroys the viewing experience, of course.

    Has anyone had the same problem? Like I said, it plays fine until around 57 mins have passed. Is this one of the discs from the first faulty pressing? Apart from an AB Heathers disc, my player hasn't had any problems with any other discs.
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    My "Frankenstein..." DVD plays fine. What is your player ?. -Mine is from Panasonic, and I've never had problems with any of their players. I think they make the best machines on the market.
  3. Behemoth

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    I have a pretty cheap player, a Radionette RN-3100E, but it's actually pretty good. I've never had problems with it before (except for Heathers, which it wouldn't recognize, but this was a faulty disc, and not due to the player), and I've got 110-120 DVDs, many of them Anchor Bay DVDs.
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    Behemoth, these are known problem discs...
    The Witches
    Frankenstein Created Woman

    See this thread.

    My FCW died completely, my player wouldn't even recognize a disc in the player. My Witches and Rasputin would pixel until they'd eventually lock up. Kinda sucks, but the good thing is that AB is good about returns. If your disc is just pixeling a little, and then getting past it to play fine, you may want to check the disc in another player just to be sure you don't have a player issue before returining it. Also, if you bought the dvd recently, I would think it would be one of the "good" discs, but then, who knows how long your copy sat at a distributer warehouse.

    Good luck man.
  5. Behemoth

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    I can't return it to Anchor Bay, since I don't live in the US. But DV-Depot are really helpful with replacing defective discs, so I hope I can return it to them for a new copy.

    I tried watching it again today, and it freezes up constantly right after 1 hour has passed.

    Also, I watched Plague of the Zombies yesterday for the first time (great film, BTW!), and the first time I watched it it froze when the young doctor's wife is seen lying in the coffin "transforming" into a zombie. I couldn't fast forward or rewind or anything, and had to shut my player off. When I tried watching it again, there was just a very short freeze, and then it played fine.

    I'm getting more and more worried about Anchor Bay titles, since returning faulty discs is a bit more complicated for us living outside the US. Just hope my Rasputin won't crash. I had considered buying The Witches, but now I'm not going to. Too bad, really.
  6. George Reis told me he had problems too.
    I didn't have any problems with my disc.
    "Plague of the Zombies" freezes once for 1 second but I have watched the whole movie without distortion.
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    Back when Suncoast had that great sale on old AB discs I bought The Reptile, Plague of the Zombies, Lost Continent and the Johnsons. All these discsafter one hour would pixelize like hell and it ruined watching them. None of my other discs (over 250 at the time) had problems so I returned them for different copies but I still had the same problem. I didn't believe it was my Panasonic A300 player but took the discs to Circuit City anyway to try and play them on other players. Well to make a long story short they all worked fine even on a cheap Apex. I then bought a new Panasonic CV51 and it has been working fine ever since even with these discs. So try what I did and take them to a store and try playing them on a few different players. Good luck...

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