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    I bought this off EBAY a while back. The seller was selling 'sealed' LDs for DIRT CHEAP. Snagged a ton of ELITE laser discs.

    They must've had a brain fart when they packed my boxes. They sent an extra copy of "GOD TOLD ME TO".

    You ghouls should know i'm a bastard. I've had it for over 8 months and have not heard anything from the seller and i already have 'positive' feedback. :rolleyes:

    I waited to make sure the 'deal' is TRULY over. And i can obviously say it HAS BEEN. And i'm not the kinda guy who rewards mistakes like this to a stranger. It's their loss!

    On that note....

    I have a 'sealed' LASER DISC from ELITE of GOD TOLD ME TO.

    I'm not trying to sell it, its too much trouble to ship for me to get .. what ... $10 or something? I mean, if you really want this LD i will sell it to you for that price and shipping, but I'm trying to get a trade outta it.

    May not be a complete fair trade but i can make up for it by paying extra along with my "GOD TOLD ME TO" LD, or i can cover shipping for you, whatever... we can work something out.

    But i was specifically looking for...


    Paff, i obviously know you have it, but I know you are not wanting to part with it either.

    I've been wanting to pick up the film, but not for those prices the DVD is going for. I've seen it on EBAY on LASER DISC for around $5 - $12. I just forget to bid.

    But if you wanna trade for "GOD TOLD ME TO" anyone, let me know what you have that you are willing to trade. Thanks.

    I know this thread should go in the "SALE/TRADE" section, but i figured this is where the LD owners are.

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    Well, first let me say that I'm jealous of your Elite LD haul. For some reason, I've always wanted to have a complete Elite LD collection, just for the hell of it.

    I already have that Elite God Told Me To LD. Signed by Richard Lynch no less. It really is a nice Laser. Very good picture.

    Now, if you can't get rid of it here, you might want to try Ross again (http://www.rossexchange.com). Reason being is that I know he has the Criterion Blood for Dracula LD in stock. He wants $25 for it, but you could offset that a little by trading him the God Told Me To laser. If you want, I can talk to him personally this weekend and put in a good word for you. (If he knows you're a friend of mine and not some clown looking to get over, he might be more willing to make some trades)

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    I was trying to keep it 'under $15'.

    Meaning I don't mind paying $10 for the movie and $5 for shipping. But i was trying to 'off set' my $10 with my laser disc, mainly because i know the DVD is currently more than i wanted to spend on that title.

    And if i get into anything more than $15 , at this point, there are others things i have on my list before that.

    $25 for the Dracula LD seems too steep to me. Espcially when I can buy a brand new DVD version for that amount with shipping included. And i SERIOUSLY doubt he'd want a straight up trade for my SEALED LD.

    Thanks for trying though man, really!

    Elite makes the best disc, i swear. Just the 'verbage' they write on their laser disc, shows how 'serious' they take their products. Trying to get into the halloween spirit even more, i watched TCM2 and was reading the back of the jacket. Damn, they even go into details explaining why the 'extras' may not be very good quality. ALL OF THEIR DISCS i have, talk about the transfer and source. ELITE DOES RULE.

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