Halloween (2018) review

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    Halloween (2018, David Gordon Green)

    So it's 2018 and after the first movie has already had two different timeline sequels, a spin off and remakes there isn't really any non-monetarily reason for another Halloween movie to be made but here we are with a third time-line for the series and a film that is a direct sequel to the 1978 original that ignores all the other films and once again stars Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode.

    I was worried that the film might be comedic along the lines of H20 and Resurrection seeings this one is the brainchild of David Gordon Green (Your Highness) and Danny McBride (Eastbound and Down) but thankfully it is played very straight and serious. The first act is quite strong with its set up of tone and characters and I like it giving Jamie Lee Curtis her own kind of 'Unforgiven' vibe. This section has a serious cinematic quality rarely scene in any of the films since the original

    However the second act kicks off with the inevitable turning loose of Michael Myers and the film goes for a long stretch of being bland and predictable. I found myself pretty bored by this uninspiring stretch and the onscreen violence was pretty lacklustre but even more offensive was the lack of any suspense or much in the way of palpable atmosphere. This is the directors first horror foray and it shows in the second act and is quite disappointing.

    The Final act kicks off with a ridiculous twist which they do not pull off and then quickly disregard making it pointless. The very end of the film does improve and it has a fairly robust ending but you get the feeling the film could have been so much better with good moments peppered in with too many bland ones. The film does give a few nods to the now disregarded sequels but they are done tastefully enough and are mostly from the best Halloween films (Halloween 1978 and Halloween 4).

    In the end it's a mixed bag of uneven story telling, some great character moments for Curtis but a lot of pointless characters when she is off screen. The tone was good and I think the intentions were good too with this respectable enough effort that is sure to bring another sequel as its box office predictions have it as the highest opening weekend of the franchise and will make its budget back in a single night.


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