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Discussion in 'General' started by jae, Jan 3, 2001.

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    OK I know I asked this earlier but wanted to try again.. I want to pick the Halloween 3 DVD but didn't Anchor Bay pick up the rights to Halloween 2 from Goodtimes recently? Or was that a different one? I'm just wondering if a H3 Anchor Bay DVD is too far behind. Bleh.. OK Thanks [​IMG]
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    Just get the goodtimes dvd. The video looks good and the audio is ok. There's no extras but it's cheap and the movie is not that great.
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    I disagree, I think that Halloween 3 is almost as good as the original Halloween. It deserves way more extras!
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    I agree.. While I'm not in love with the movie, I do like it alot and remember watching it as a kid.. I think it just gets such a bad rap because it was the first Halloween without Michael Myers.. What followed was just an endless parade of sequels that really didn't do anything new.
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    Get the Goodtimes double pack of Halloween 2 and 3. For the price, ($14) it's a damn good deal! They're not on AB's release schedule yet, so it'll be a long wait.
    Halloween 3 is very underrated.

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