Halloween 6 Producer's Cut Vs. Halloween Curse Of Michael Myers

Discussion in 'Slashers' started by fceurich39, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. If you check ebay, you can probably find a quality version. I bought mojo's version just a few days ago, and am currently waiting for it to arrive. It's supposed to be the best looking version on the market. If you can find a version on ebay that is that blue cover, it's most likely the official mojo version.

    As far as I know, there are no longer any versions available off the onegoodscare.net website.
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  3. I want this dvd myself now! lol
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    What's up with the producers cut shit..? -The Theatricial cut is much better..?

    Whats up with the producers cut..!! -Shit..!! -The Theatricial cut
    is just fine..? -Just more gore and stuff..? -Even though I disagree
    these films are terrible..? -But it made a good old fashion plot of the
    same hype that Halloween 4 did two me back in; -1988..! -And the
    Psycho sequel like formula of; -Halloween 5: -Revenge of Michael
    Myers..! -Two bad the directors will never get towel with a region
    1 DVD release..! -Never..! -Halloween 6: -The Producer cut will die
    with the writter..? -Stay with; -The Curse of Michael Myers..! -Or

    Stick with; -Halloween 1, -and; 2..!
  5. Roger Ebert

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    Whats up with the producers cut shit..!! -I stay with the theatrical
    cut even if these where not as bad as any..?
  6. *wonders if Roger Ebert has some mental condition that makes him type like that*
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    Two the jerkoff ho told me I type bad..?

    Two the jerkoff that told me that I type bad..!! -Screw him..! -I
    type just fine..? -I'm talking too..! -You know ho..? -I'vegotnewshoes..!

    Who ever the heck that is..?
  8. -...Well -+fine...{was just-...- --.-wondering[]';.;/if you were-- - .,<>-schizo.
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    Are you some alien..? -Not a Sichzo..?

    Are you some alien..? -I'm not a Sichzo..?
  10. Man I'm just havin fun wit you gurl, don't be hatin'
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    I meant schizo..!! -Sorry on my spelling..?

    I meant..!! -Schizo..!! -I'm really sorry on that spelling..?
  12. Roger Ebert

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    Excuse me..!! -I'm really guy critic..?

    Excuse me..!! -You called me a girl..? -I'm really a guy critic..?
  13. Gurl, you ain't know what you iz. You needs to quit trippin, gurl.
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    For the love of God please stop typing like that.
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    I just want to say that I love all of these films up until the last one. The first is the best one obviously, but after that my favorite is 6. I grew up in Illinois, and as much as these were not shot in Illinois, they definetly captured the vibe of a midwest autumn. I think part 6 captured it as good as the first.

    I like the Curse better than the producers cut, probably just because I saw that one first. Did anyone go to the 25th aniversaary party in Pasadena last year?
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    That's a great recap, JED. I was looking for a good place to post while the UHMB was down and this looked like a good place. Mojo put a lot of time into this effort and all the features are things you'd never really be able to find except if you taped it off TV when the movie came out. It's probably the best bootlegged movie I've ever seen. Brian's a good guy. Does great work.
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    I watched this just yesterday actually. I like it more than the one that was put out in theatres. Alot more story is in this and it makes a bit more sense. :) Makes ya wonder how the story would have gone if they stayed along that storyline, thats for sure.
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    does anybody know how good the new producer's cut dvd currently on
    www.ebay.com because the buyer claims that it is the best version with the alternate scenes crystal clear condition it has the symbol of thorn on the dvd case cover
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    i seen that new one up as well and was wondering about it. The dvd usually sells around $40, and that's way too much for me. One of the members on onegoodscare.net was gonna release a dvd version of PC that came from a digital source, and that the quality on the whole movie was superb. someone, so he claims, associated with the film advised him not to sell it as a lawsuit may come about, or something like that. at any rate, he pulled his offer. I am assuming this dvd we see on ebay is probably from the same source, as the cover art being used is what that one member created for his dvd.
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    I have the older DVD mojo version with the extras. I think the newer version is a lot clearer on the added scenes but it lacks the extra features found on the old DVD.

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