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    Yes, it was entitled Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense and was fairly weak overall. Though there was one good story about a family who find temselves walled into their own house and it just gets hotter and hotter...

    And Hammer also, if I remember correctly, helped produce a TV series in the late 60's/early 70's called Journey into the Unknown.
  2. Thanks for the new info CJ.

    Does anyone have any idea if Hammer House Of Mystery and Suspense is out on DVD?

    After the great experience I had with the Hammer House Of Horror box set I would be tempted to check it out if the price is right.

    Thanks is advance to anyone to can post any info. :)
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    Here's a link to an episode guide (Child's Play is the episode I mentioned above) for the Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense series. To my knowledge it hasn't been released on DVD yet.


    It's also useful to note that it was aired in the USA under the title of Fox Mystery Theater.
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  4. I thank you CJ.

    After all of the fun that I had with the last Hammer box set, it is a real pity that this one is not available. Hopefully we will not have to wait forever for this to be released.
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    Just to throw in a little Hammer TV Shows trivia, Tales Of Frankenstein (1958) was a TV Pilot for a show that was never picked up.
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    And that Pilot Episode is included in its entirety on a DVD of the same name (Tales of Frankenstein) from Image.

    I hadn't actually realised this was a Hammer production until Reverenddave pointed it out!

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