Hammer House of Horror ships... and stuff

Discussion in 'Classic' started by jae, Aug 27, 2001.

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    Hammer House of Horror ships... info and stuff

    Got the shipping notice on it just now. Unfortunately I elected to ship partial and Hammer House shipped seperately from the rest of my order (some 15 DVDs).. But not after I downgraded the shipping. Still get here by Thursday though. I expected it to be delayed, etc but it seems to have made it out on the 28th! :eek:

    Damn I'm excited about this weekend. I'm going to really enjoy being a horror geek.. :)

    On another note.. Hammer's Phantom of the Opera will be on AMC this Friday, the 31st at 10:35pm. So check that out if you haven't already seen it.

    Also.. Anyone know where HammerFanatic is? Someone asked awhile back but don't remember ever hearing anything. ???
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    Where is everybody?!! This place is like a ghost town..

    Thought I would post a little on HHOH box.. I got it today and went through the first DVD.. Picture quality is very nice. Sharp clear and colorful.

    If you read the Mondo Digital review, you may think that there isn't much to the set but the episodes.. Theres not alot but there is a little more worth mentioning: The back of the keepcases DO contain a short plot summary for each episode on the DVD and each DVD also has an extensive Hammer filmography (going back to 1935 :eek: ), a decent size history of Hammer and a photo gallery.

    Has anyone gotten theirs yet? DVD Empire must not have ordered many as mine shipped on monday and seemed to go on backorder immediately.

    Oh yeah.. I also really like the logo used on the box and the complete title: "The Complete Hammer House of Horror: Tales of terror from the legendary british film studio". :)
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    Damn I might just have to get these. Damn you i was trying to save at least a little this month and look what you go and post...;)
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    I havn't picked it up yet, but I will as soon as can figure out how to convince my wife I NEED it. :) DeepDiscountDvd.com has it for $33.58, but it's not in stock so who knows how long it will take them to ship it.
    On another note I just finished watching 'The Reptile'. Did anyone else notice it was filmed in the same town as 'Plague of Zombies'?
    Also, does anybody know how we can find more info on the 'super buy' deals from Suncoast? Like what, if any, new titles that might be coming out?

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    A little more info..

    The history of Hammer is a text section of the DVD, and the history, filmography and still gallery are only on the first DVD. Packaging is quite nice with the plot outlines, stars, director and writing credits on little tombstones for each episode :)

    I've seen 2 episodes so far.. Visitor from the Grave and Silent Scream with Peter Cushing. Visitor is pretty decent with a nice ending and SS was great, really creepy and interesting. I'll need to watch this one again.

    You guys better do some convincing! :)

    Matt: Weren't Plague and Reptile filmed close together using many of the same sets/actors etc? I know there were 2 pairs done this way, 1 including Rasputin.
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    Rasputin was done back to back with Dracula, Prince of Darkness, and Reptile was filmed back to back with Plague.

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