He shoots, he SCORES!!! (Dellamorte, Dellamore)

Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by Nos4ah2, Jun 22, 2001.

  1. Nos4ah2

    Nos4ah2 Guest

    I just win a bid for the Spanish dvd on Ebay.

    I am so happy. Cheaper than I could find the German one.

    Only question, this is also the uncut version, right???
  2. suspiria

    suspiria Guest

    Dont know about the Spanish one but the German "Red" edition DVD is definately uncut and I have heard its still the best version available in terms of video and audio quality.

    I'm just so happy that I have one myself :) (don't mean to rub it in.. hehehe)
  3. Nos4ah2

    Nos4ah2 Guest

    I'll post a review of this bad boy shortly after I receive it.

    Maybe I'll even send it to Dave for that whole impending open reviewer position thing...
  4. Jason25

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    May 31, 2000
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    I'd like to hear how the transfer is Nos4ah2. I'd love to pick up a version of this film on dvd, preferably the Red Version, Laser Paradise?, but that bad boy is hard to come by. Please post your findings, thanks.
  5. napalm68

    napalm68 Guest

    Scores eh... I just got my Spanish copy after a two month wait for a mere U$19... From Mundo Laser. Slow, they had trouble getting it apparently. I sure hope it isn't cut...

    The transfer looks good. Not exactly sure on the aspect ratio. Non anamorphic though, and some more extras than the German version.

    If you are wanting the german version, I came across this german site -

  6. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Dammit I want to see this movie. You all have no idea how hard I've tried to find something in NTSC for UNDER $20, but it's no use. I think I'll end up buying the Cemetery Man VHS for like $15 off eBay. Damn.

    Are either of those DVDs NTSC?
  7. napalm68

    napalm68 Guest

    Damnit, the spanish Dellamore Dellamorte has pretty poor lip synching.
  8. Heaven17

    Heaven17 Guest

  9. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    Yesssss!!!! Finally I won a copy of Cemetery Man for about $15 total. Finally!!!!!

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