Hellraiser: Scarlet Box. Is part 3 UK or US cut?

Discussion in 'High Definition' started by youthief, Dec 5, 2017.

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    I saw this posted at DVDTalk and I checked my copy of the uncut VHS from Paramount. There are 11 heads shown in the trench. Can anyone shed some light on what the Arrow release shows? DVDTalk thread below:

    "Since this was a UK release first, can anyone tell me if Arrow used the uncut UK or US version for part 3? I compared the uncut US VHS release to Anchor Bay's uncut UK DVD. One difference I noticed was in World War I dream sequence when that girl is talking to Doug Bradley, about 55:30 on VHS and 53:05 on UK (PAL) DVD. The part when that girl is about to walk through a trench and says, "Wait! Wait!" and looks to her right. The US version shows she's looking at a decapitated head in a helmet. The UK DVD just stays on her reaction.

    The trench walk shows 11 heads on the uncut US but only 9 on the UK. The difference being the UK version shows the girls facial reactions while the US version shows what she's looking at. Maybe there's a youtube clip of the uncut VHS. I don't have any way to save or upload a VHS. Has anyone else heard about the trench walk or can take a look at the Arrow release to count heads?"
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    To the best of my knowledge, and I have watched it recently, the US blu-ray has the US theatrical cut in 1080p and the extended version in 1080p with SD inserts (as the film elements for the extra footage are missing).

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