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Discussion in 'Classic' started by HammerFANatic, Jan 27, 2001.

  1. Landed myself a HUGE ORIGINAL 40x60 poster for the film, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth!

    And on the eighth day....God created Hammer!
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    Dec 3, 1999
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    oooohhh... I'm jealous.

    "When I go to confession, I don't offer God small sins - petty squables, jealousies - I offer him sins worth forgiving!"

    May the Hammer eternally bleed!
    M. Hyde
  3. Diamondhead

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    Very nice HF! What other Hammer posters do you have? I have Frankenstein & The Monster From Hell, Creatures The World Forgot, Terror of the Tongs, Dr. Jykell & Sister Hyde and a double bill poster of Twins of Evil/Hands of the Ripper.
  4. Don't be too jealous, MH, I only have two in frames, so I don't have many displayed. [​IMG]

    DH, I only began collecting the posters/lobby cards about two years ago and during that time, I was also waiting for my Social Security disability benefits to kick in, so collecting was put on hold and still isn't back in the swing like I'd like to see, but I'm slowly getting there. I have the following one sheet posters for Hammer and Amicus:
    • The Lost Continent
    • Frankenstein Created Woman
    • Dracula and His Vampire Bride
    • Curse of Frankenstein/Horror of Dracula-Combo
    • At the Earth's Core
    • Scream and Scream Again
    • Vault of Horror
    • The Deadly Bees/Vulture

    And on the eighth day....God created Hammer!
  5. carl.kolchak

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    Those are great posters! Does When Dinosaurs have Victoria Vetri in a cavegirl bikini on it? CK is also envious! [​IMG] Unfortunately, I have frames but no Hammer posters, just posters from a few more recent films.

    HF, have you tried <a href="http://www.pictureframes.com/"> Graphik Dimensions</a> for frames? They have great quality frames that are relatively easy to do yourself, I really like their catalogs. [​IMG]
  6. Here's a sample of what the artwork for this poster looks like, CK. [​IMG]

    Thanks for the link, CK...that site looks awesome!

    And on the eighth day....God created Hammer!
  7. carl.kolchak

    carl.kolchak Guest

    Very cool! Hammer studios sure knew how to sell their movies! [​IMG]

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