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Discussion in 'Classic' started by jae, Jun 25, 2001.

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    So who's buying the Horror of Hammer and Tales of Frankenstein DVDs coming out on July 3rd? I went to order them and DVD Empire is saying HOH is coming out on the 24th while TOF is still coming on the 3rd. I really don't want to wait around 4 weeks for it and am thinking of just ordering it from All Day through Paypal.. The All Day site is still showing it as coming out on the 3rd.
  2. I pre-ordered the Horror of Hammer disc from Amazon, but at the time, they didn't have the Tales of Frankenstein disc available. I want both plus the Hammer discs coming out in August, but time will tell what happens with my wishes!
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    I'm getting both of them. Finally having all those Hammer trailers in one place is going to be too cool. I hear it's got a commentary track, too. I can't imagine how that'll be; trailers with commentaries. -Sounds like a snack !. And I'm sure it will be. The Frankenstein DVD is the real treat for me, though. -Cushing and Karloff interviews, wow !. And the underrated Anton Diffring in the rare "Tales" pilot. We're truly being spoiled at the moment.
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    Well I just placed another order with DVD Empire for This Night I'll Possess your Corpse and I Vampiri, and went to order Tales of Frankenstein at least but they're now saying it will be released on the 17th instead of the 3rd. Horror of Hammer was bumped up a week to the 17th too. These haven't been delayed have they? As far as I know they're still coming out on tuesday.

    UPDATE: Hmm well thats interesting. Not only is Amazon showing them both as releasing on the 3rd, but they're selling it cheaper than DVD Empire, 25% off plus free shipping! Sounds good.
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    Can't wait for these trailers

    I just hope they're all remastered and looking good, trailer compilations are notorious for not being! I love the cover to this disc, might make a good wallpaper for the desktop! :D
  6. Horror of Hammer....Delayed?

    I was just checking the status of my order for this disc and it's now saying 17 July for the release date.....anyone else heard this? :mad:
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    Re: Horror of Hammer....Delayed?

    Thats what I was afraid of.. All Day's website still says July 3rd as the release date. Could be they didn't order enough or something? Where did you order it from?

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    Well I was looking to see if the Hammer House of Horror DVDs were up for pre-order yet and found that DVD Empire has pushed the Horror of Hammer/Tales of Frankenstein DVDs back another week (to the 24th now) and expect Amazon to be doing the same thing soon. I emailed someone at All Day and asked about this and hope they have them available through the website right now. Tired of waiting.. :)
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    Thought some of you might be interested in the response back from All Day about the DVDs:


    We pressed these latest releases with a different replicator than in the past, and they had many problems in meeting the production schedule they
    agreed to. The worst was when they broke the Horror of Hammer master twice, forcing delay after delay. Because of the sequence of my shipping discs to Image who must then ship to distributors who then ship to stores, there is about a two week delay between when something is in stock here and its official street date. I do have Tales of Frankenstein and Pulp Cinema in stock and can fill orders directly; Horror of Hammer should be in by late this week.

    I apologize for the frustrating delay.
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    So now we know

    Geeze - broke the master twice?? Man, that's no bueno! Thanks for sharing Jae.

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