How does Scars of Dracula rate?

Discussion in 'Classic' started by jae, Jan 11, 2001.

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    I've never seen it but its coming out on DVD this year I believe.. So how does it rate next to my other favorite Hammer Draculas: Taste the Blood of Dracula, Dracula Has Risen from The Grave as well as Dracula Prince of Darkness and Horror of Dracula? Is it a period gothic like the above movies or modern like Satanic Rites?

    I've come to really enjoy the Hammer Draculas and think I'll just pick up the DVD when its released.. Thanks.
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    And now that I think about it, when the hell are these movies coming out on DVD? [​IMG] I would love to see TTBOD and DHRFTG again.. I may just have to pick them up on VHS.
  3. Scars of Dracula was the last of the Gothic Period Draculas. It is also the most graphic in terms of violence of any of the Dracula series. The only downside of the movie is the budget and sets were noticably cheaper than the previous entries in the Dracula series. This was true of all Hammer productions from 1970 on as they were cutting costs to try to increase declining profits. I'm sure opions will vary on this entry but if you liked the others you mentioned you will like this one.
  4. I think, The Scars of Dracula is a great little film. As mentioned, it was much more graphic than earlier entries as well as having a bit cheaper look, but the cast was wonderful and the story was quite interesting, too.

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